Friday, January 2, 2015

CM Punk Live Q&A 1-2-15

Today would've been my mother's birthday, and I've been celebrating by getting tons of stuff done. I felt like that would be the best possible way to enjoy the day, and it has been a great day as a result. As a surprise, there's a CM Punk Q&A today, so let's give that some coverage and see what happens. Things begin with a long shot of the Jones-Cormier graphic and then a guy walking.

Music is playing. Now it's not and the audio appears to be gone...boy do they not really have these things ironed out. CM Punk can be heard talking to someone, but then he's nixed so John Anik's audible on his mic. Anik hypes up the PPV as having THE BIGGEST FIGHT OF THE YEAR, but there are still some great tickets available. Boy does that not make the biggest fight of the year seem as big as it should be. CM Punk's debut video is shown and then Anik introduces Punk, who comes out to "Cult of Personality" - love it! Anik asks that pro wrestling talk be limited since he's a UFC roster member.

Anik asks Punk about what people think about a 0-0 fighter getting a UFC shot. Punk says he understands it, but if you're on-board, buy a ticket and if you're not, buy one to see him get knocked out. A guy in a UFC Hoodie and Punk's last WWE hoodie what the hardest part will be for him between now and the fight. Punk says the day of the fight will probably be the hardest since the fight itself will be new, and he's used to everything else. The guy wants a hug, but Anik can't allow that yet.

A fan plugs Punk in his ROW days and why he's joining UFC. Punk says he's not there to spite WWE - it would be stupid to do that to get into a structure where folks want to beat him. He says that he's trying to live his life to the fullest. The fan asks if Jason David Frank's fight was accepted and he said he can't take every fight offered up. A fan says it's great to see Punk so happy, and what makes Ariel Helwani the best in the world? Punk says Ariel's a nice guy who is wise and does some odd things that makes him more interesting than most.

A guy drinking asks who Punk's going to fight, and Punk says he won't pick the opponent any time soon. Punk says in about six months, he'll talk with the coaches and re-evaluate things there. He says find a guy on his level, or maybe Cro Cop. A guy asks who extensive his background is in kempo, and he isn't belted in BJJ. He's fine with people talking shit about him because he knows what he's good at. He was doing kempo when he was 18-20 and he went to Duke because he wanted to be treated like he knows nothing since he's closer to a 0 than a 10 and be molded completely.

A fan asks how he's doing and Punk says he's fucking great, and if he'll bring the Gracies to train with him. Punk says he can't do that, but he wants Rener in his corner. Punk doesn't know what his first fight will be or what music he'll have - but he liked having Living Colour tonight. A guy asks about Fedor and if Cormier is a black Fedor. Punk says he's easily a top 5 heavyweight, probably top 2, and he loved watching his fights. PRIDE was where it was for him in the day and DC is DC, but he doesn't like comparing people to others.

A guy asks PHIL about the injuries from WWE hurting him. Punk says no since he's had his elbow and knee scopes and he feels great. Guy asks for a photo and Punk says it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. A fan asks Punk about hardcore music. Anik tells a guy he's darling...oh boy, and the guy asks if he's been training for the UFC recently. A fan in a wacky jacket asks about the James Toney thing and how WWE fans are going to buy it to see him win, while UFC fans will buy it to make him lose. Punk says the plan isn't to be one and done - but he can't predict things. However, if he gets smoked, he'll be back in the gym to fight again.

A guy asks a question for his brother Chris Imanse, and he says hi! He asks about the CM Venom partner and the Chick Magnets team. CM stands for Chuck Mosely from Faith No More. The guy says his brother survived two heart attacks and if he can get a picture. A guy asks what the difference is between Punk going for UFC instead of just doing a BJJ tourney. Punk says he wants to punch dudes and it's all about the challenge.

 Fan asks about Jim Ross or Joe Rogan, who would he rather have him call a fight? Since he hasn't heard JR call a show, he'll go with Joe. A guy says he came over from a WWE guy to UFC and asks about Ben Askren being angry over not being in the UFC while Punk is. The guy plugs Colt Cabana's podcast and how WWE endangered his health and if he's worried about concussion issues. Punk says he's healthy and he'll deal with what could happen when it happens.

Josh From Canada asks about the TSN interview and he's sorry for what happened. The fan claps for Punk following his dream, but can't get claps going. Punk says he's a grappler first in UFC, and he needs help with striking more than anything else. Punk says the GTS will happen if Buffer doesn't give him the 180. A guy asks if there should be an amteur-centric developmental group for UFC...this is a bit odd, and Punk says that the road to UFC is hard like it was for him and WWE. Punk says he's not getting a title shot, but this is a bucket list thing for him. The guy says cash is king, while Punk is looking like a Wal-Mart shopper.

A guy asks if anything from pro wrestling has helped him with this and if it will work for him. Punk says that performing in front of a lot of people won't be an issue for him. Punk says there's nothing he can really take from WWE to UFC, but he's been grappling a long time, so he's comfortable. Another guy drinking asks if he'll do the GTS. YES, HE WILL! "Sorry we interrupted your drinking" - way to be a prick, Anik.

Another guy asks if he wants to be on a prelim or on the main card. PPV is his response and "very well" is what the fan says. A guy asks that since history repeats itself and Brock did it, could Punk win a title in the UFC? Punk isn't trying to win a title here - he's going to focus on the first fight. "He's an animal and I'm a smaller animal." Another guy's been drinking and says if Punk wins, he'll ask the guy to suck it. Anik once again goes after the guys for drinking. WELL THEN DON'T ALLOW ALCOHOL TO BE SERVED.

A sharply-dressed British guy with amazing dreads asks what Punk's goal is. He says it's just to fight and to win. Donald Cerrone comes up to get his hat signed. Punk says he'll give it to the kid whose dad asked him a question - good for him. Punk brings Evan up and shakes his hand - good bit here. A fan asks if Punk knew who the female Thor would be. Punk's asked about the Super Bowl and asks Anik for help since he's more of a hockey guy. Another football fan asks who in pro wrestling could transition to MMA and he says his wife could and that not many guys do, but Danielson does.

2 question left and a guy plugs the Samoa Joe trilogy in ROH and asks if Joe could do well in MMA. Punk says that they all trained in the LA NJPW dojo, and he could make the transition. A completely drunk dude says THE DIAZ BROTHERS BE KILLIN HIM and he'll answer it if he turns his shirt inside out. REAL TALK time. Oh my God. SO EVERY QUESTION PRIOR TO YOURS WASN'T REAL!? No, they were fictional. This is amazing. Now he wants a game of rock, paper, scissors. This was mostly a disaster, but a fun one.

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