Thursday, January 22, 2015

WWE NXT 1-21-15

After a month-long absence, we're back to covering NXT! I missed the year end show since it was just one match and it was pretty easy to keep skipping the show - so I wound up making use of the extra time I got today by waking up early and did a marathon on it. The show starts with a Zayn-Owens recap and Regal says the next live NXT special will be on 2/11 where the number 1 contender will face Sami Zayn, and we'll know who that is after the tourney that begins tonight. Sami runs down and kills Tye Dillinger. He yells for Owens to come down before Regal comes down and says that Owens needs to earn a shot. Sami says make it non-title - he just wants the match. Regal says that he'll give him the match. Regal says that next week, they'll have a contract signing and the rest of the card is run down.

Axel's out to face Balor. Finn's intro rules, and they proceed to just have a mid-card SmackDown match, complete with a long chinlock from Axel. Love Balor using the Slingblade and it actually being called that. Balor wins to advance in the tourney. Recap of Sasha beating Charlotte last week. Sasha and Charlotte have a fine little match for a bit, but Becky comes down to cause a DQ. Bayley makes the save, but then hits the belly to Bayley after holding the title and then Regal comes down to make a 4 way for the title.

Owens is texting away before a generic brunette man comes in. Kevin says he'll say what needs to be said next week. Team Fit beats the Vaudevillains in a nothing tag. In yet another quarter-final match, we get Itami against Tyler in an okay little match. They have pretty good chemistry together and have the fastest-paced match of the night before Itami wins with the running calf kick. This was a good place-setting show for the future - not essential viewing though.

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