Monday, January 26, 2015

WWE 24 - WrestleMania 30


 The Mania of WrestleMania (aka WrestleMania the Movie) was fantastic 11 years ago, and now we're getting the same treatment for WM 30. With Taker's issues, the medical drama could be really compelling stuff, and we'll see more with Bryan too. WWE 24 begins with the Vince/Taker clip that's been in ads. 24 hours earlier, festivities were happening around the area and the building was being set up. Show talks about WWE talent did 300 appearances, but now they did 800. Conner met with the talent. Daniel Bryan was adorable with him, as was Batista. Steph saying they invited him to WM to give him something to live for was a bit much. Hogan, Rock, and Austin shoot the shit for a bit. Warrior meets with Vince and HHH for the HOF. It's heartbreaking watching him with his daughters knowing that he dies 2 days later. Great bit with all the HOFers and a hilarious Kane/Bryan photo. Steph talks about Warrior respecting Linda so much. They cut to Indiana, his older daughter, talking about how proud she was of him while Dana said she cried through the whole speech.

Steph is at WM and HHH meets her in his costume! HHH calls himself the Skull King and they show Charlotte, Sasha, and Alexa Bliss suiting up. Austin, Rock, and Hogan chat and Vince tells them to have fun. They cut to Hogan's speech about the Silverdome and everyone laughing about it. They cut to the HHH intro. This is a bit more surface-level than the Mania of WM was, but still quite good. The NXT women are overjoyed to be here in this role. Ric cries saying his daughter made it. They show clips of the match and Bryan meeting with Brie.


Shield comes down and we get Hogan and Warrior's multi-camera speech. Dana talks about how good it was for him to have acceptance again and say that he missed the boys. Bray's intro is shown. Cena beats Bray. TAKER IS BACKSTAGE WALKING and he and Vince hug. They just showed the boots and the highlights and not the concussion-causing takedown on the floor. We get a beautiful piano rendition of Taker's theme alongside quotes and tweets. We see Vince order help and the ambulance leaving.

Bryan talks about how hard it is to follow that, so they've retconned the divas title match out. Bryan's big win came off so huge here with his family being there. Bryan hugged Conner and thanked him. We get a WM highlight package and that's it. Well, they teased something like The Mania of WrestleMania and delivered something that scratched the surface of it, but never came close to offering up that level of behind the scenes stuff. They gave Connor a graphic at the end, which was nice, but not Warrior.

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