Saturday, January 24, 2015

ROH 1-25-15

Well, we'll be covering most of the show. I just got done playing an upcoming OUYA game and remembered that Alberto's ROH debut match is tonight, so I might as well watch it. As a result, I got in about 15 minutes in with ODB making the save for the Briscoes against a Kingdom attack. ODB fits in perfectly with the Briscoes.

Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo on Roderick for leaving the Decade, and he says they'll look through the top prospect tourney to find a new member. The Beer City Bruiser is out while Caprice does an awful Dusty impression. He'll face Mikey Webb here, and we get a fullscreen graphic for the tourney. This is so nice - I haven't seen ROH TV in ages, haven't seen the company since the last PPV, and I'm already pretty caught up here and not feeling lost at all. Beer City Bruiser's been around since 2000, which Kelly says makes him a 12 year pro. Webb's been around since 2012, and Kevin Kelly says that Vader stank, but the Bruiser's even worse. Bruiser's got a giant knee brace and takes a super-fake bump for a springboard drana into the ring that sends him to the floor. Crowd chants YOU'VE GOT BITCH TITS! Caprice says the Bruiser's a first cousin to the Bastion Booger and he does a flip dive off the apron to him and drinks. This thing of all things gets a 19 count. Corino says that Harley Race taught him about drinking and fighting and they all talk about Thunderbolt Patterson being a drinker in his day, but he's clean now. Pop-up dropkick and enzuiguri hits and he FINALLY suplexes the Bruiser for 2. Lariat of death from the Bruiser hits and gets 2.9. "Mikey Webb just got dripped on by da funk!" Caprice is so great. Webb gets sliced bread for a 2.9. Bruiser wins with Greetings from Asbury Park. He goes onto the semi-finals.

A weird video for the Knights of the Rising Dawn airs. A CHIKARA AD AIRED, and boy is that something I never thought I'd see. Guys did flips, there was a long shot of a boot, and someone said I am Chikara, are you. They show Alberto's debut last week with him saying he wants a shot at the ROH World Title before being interrupted by the House of Truth. I love Jay Lethal treating his title like Flair did the NWA World Title. Martini is like a dime store version of Cyrus. Daniels is out with his swank Sexy Beast theme. Alberto's out to a swank triumphant theme and looking excited. Corino says that Alberto's resume speaks for itself, and he's got an amazing family legacy too before going to a break.

ROH 13th Anniversary show ad airs, and they come back to plug the ROH World Title 4-way. Hanson's promo was pretty good - GO WARBEARD! They start with a tieup and the crowd's going crazy - it's amazing to see this compared to TNA. Fans are visible and CARE. Daniels turns a knuckle lock into a headlock, and then Alberto turns it into a headscissors. Kelly puts over Alberto's MMA background. Go-behind leads to some matwork and a chinlock. Shoulder charge leads to Alberto kicking the leg, but Daniels gets up and dropkicks him down. Basement apron dropkick sends Daniels down, but Daniels smashes him into the barricade. Daniels gets the moonsault and the crowd goes crazy. More barricade stuff that's kind of hard to see with the lighting.

Corino talks about how Alberto went over the rules earlier, and then Lethal comes to the ramp and is also barely visible. Lethal does commentary and Alberto gets the over the rope armbar. Lethal says he's just down to get an apology after the match. Daniels gets a superplex. They go back and forth with punches and Daniels takes him down with a lariat and an STO. Corner jumping forearm charge by Daniels leads to a Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Alberto gets the tilt a whirl backbreaker for 2. Jumping stomp to the back of head by Alberto. Complete shot into the Koji clutch by Daniels! Alberto gets to the ropes and Lethal tells him to fight Cheeseburger. Armbar codebreaker leads to the kneeling superkick hitting flush for a 2.9! Lethal got up for that, and Jay says it was due to the flimsy chairs. Lethal says Alberto is fantastic and Alberto gets 2.9 off the reverse superplex. Daniels gets a uranage, but the BME misses. Corner enzuiguri hits and Daniels taps to the armbar. This was an excellent match - this show is so much more fun to watch, and better than Impact in every way. Before, ROH was a bit hard to get into due to the budget look. Now, TNA has far worse production values than ROH and that oddly makes it easier to get into this show weekly - even though the timeslot is horrible.

Daniels and Alberto hug, Jay claps for them before Daniels leaves and Jay comes in and says he's the number 1 guy. Truth and a big goon attack, but the Addiction makes the save. Next week, Lethal defends against Sydal and ACH, and that should be fantastic. I love being able to just turn on my ABC affiliate and watch ROH, and this was a top-shelf show worth checking out if you haven't seen the company in a while.


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