Thursday, January 15, 2015

WWE SmackDown 1-15-15

I was debating whether or not to watch this show after the spoilers, but I got a job interview done, a ton of wrestling done, and felt like I might as well knock this out now rather than later. They just do the basic intro and then we get pyro and Byron talking and introducing Daniel Bryan. He gets a good pop, and then we shoot to King and Cole. Byron asks Bryan about return before showing Kane killing him. Bryan talks about having a rivalry with Kane, then they were friends in Team Hell No and tag champs for 9 months and that Kane forced him to nearly retire. It's amazing that WWE has minimized Bryan's return - he was an afterthought at best in those 9 months and now he's returning on SmackDown. Tonight, he wins. At the Rumble, he wins, and at WrestleMania, he wins! This gets a huge Yes chant and that's definitely something they need to pay attention to again.

All of the Authority, including Big Show, who I guess is a member, come down with Kane. They go to a break for a Raw reunion ad. Bell rings for Bryan-Kane and Bryan whoops ass with punches. Bryan kicks away in the corner. Kane takes over with punches and King looks bored at the table. Kane hits 2 neckbreakers for 2. Bryan rallies after a Kane chinlock and low bridges him to the floor. Diving knee is met with an uppercut for a break. Impact ad once again - Destination America's going all-out with this. Post-break chinlock is met with a jaw jacker. Kane takes back control and the crowd is just so dead. Sideslam, and we get a YOU SOLD OUT chant. Kane goes for a superplex, but Bryan counters and goes for a diving crossbody for 2 instead of the backbump dropkick. Hart Attack comeback hits for Bryan. Buzzsaw kick hits for 2! Corner kicks from Bryan. Chokeslam countered into the Yes Lock. The goons hit the ring for a DQ and then they bump for Bryan. Bryan runs from the ring and the heels just stand around in the ring angry. Now they're stalking him like creatures with a functioning brain. Reigns and Ambrose come out and despite still having a 2-to-1 advantage, the heels still don't move for them. HHH makes a six-man tag - but he doesn't name the guys. Cole says it's Show, Kane, and Seth against the face trio. King talks about how they'll KICK OFF SMACKDOWN with an IC Title match. It's nearly 8:30. Savage vid is up next.

Thanks to the WWE Network on Monday, we learned that Savage would go into the HOF. I thought it was TMZ. Whatever. Bray's little cue brings about a Michael Scott NOO! NOOO! NOOOO! response from me. You can't contain a poison like him for long. Usos are out - I thought we were kicking off SmackDown with an IC Title match between Sin Cara and Barrett? The new SD graphic is great and they'll team with Naomi against the Mizes and Alicia. I like the new SD graphics - they've got a really clean look.

Mizes are out and they'll get a tag title shot at the Rumble. Cole tried to get #mixedtagmatch over. King got in a great line about Miz being the go-to guy when a piece of wood isn't available. Middle rope Uso crazy dive to Miz. Mizdow gets tagged in and THEN ALICIA COMES IN! Great mixup of the usual formula there. Naomi actually makes this swimsuit gear almost work. It still shows off her cleavage and ass nicely. Double clothesline spot sends Mizdow down on the floor. Miz chucks an Uso into Mizdow, hits the Finale and wins. Miz's face is hilarious here.


OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS LOOK FOR RENEE!? She's got a green dress, dark red lips, and short blonde hair. Roman says that if this was the Rumble, he'd throw out Dean and Bryan. Well, he's a prick. Tonight isn't the Rumble though, so they're all cool. Reigns' constitution is just horrible - why would anyone help this man when he doesn't appreciate it? Heyman is marching backstage.

They hyped up the MNW series finale LIFE AFTER WARTIME. It's 2015 and they're still viewing this as if they were in an honest to God war. Recap of Seth, Cena, and Brock talking and then fighting. It's such a shame this isn't the go-home show, because on Raw, they put over the title match nicely, tonight put over the tag title match, and...they've done nothing of note for the Rumble. Heyman says he's scared because Brock does what he wants and he already conquered the streak without any personal malice. The same held true when he dumped the 100 million dollar man in Cena on his head - BUT NOW HE'S ANGRY! This is so great - it puts Brock over marvelously.

Seth's out and Heyman is not amused, while Seth is not afraid of Brock Lesnar. Seth says he wants to cash in tonight and give the fans the biggest main event in the history of the show...why would a heel want to do this for the fans? Heyman calls bullshit on this because he and everyone knows that Brock isn't here. Seth says he'll curb stomp Heyman, but Heyman tells him to be original and he doesn't do it. I can't wait for Heyman to turn on Brock - they've done an outstanding job hyping up the Rumble show tonight. Seth corners Heyman and bullies him while cutting the best promo of his career about how he'll take the title and asks why he shouldn't attack Heyman. Heyman says that if the Authority was gone before, they could be taken out again by the Board of Directors or Vince.

Okay, so there are people above them - so why are their actions allowed to happen? Heyman says that Brock as champion gives him power and Brock has a death grip on it and will hold the title for as long as he wants, and he can hold onto it by defending it or protecting the champion if Heyman decides the future is now. This builds in an interesting bit of Brock willingly losing the title per Heyman's request for the greater good, allowing Brock to lose the title willingly without dropping a fall. Love them setting up that Heyman can grease the wheels to convince Brock to let Seth win the title to save his own ass tonight. This was all fantastic stuff.

Yet another Impact ad. Total Divas ad. The WWE divas are willing to KILL THEMSELVES FOR THEIR CRAFT. So then shouldn't they be rewarded with longer matches? Nattie faces Nikki here and we get a recap of Paige loses via a distraction.  Nattie does a Backlund lift into a Rampage powerbomb off an armbar. Brie tries to distract Nattie, but Paige takes that time to slap Nikki and Nattie wins with the Sharpshooter. Good stuff here - loved Nattie switching all of her offense to the left arm since Nikki worked on the right arm. Paige made wacky faces and was hilarious.

Renee met with her guest at this time, the Big Show, who said that this young lady would not control the interview - so he rattled off what he did on Raw by knocking dudes out and now he's in the Rumble and he'll dominate that because he's a giant. Kane told him that he's in the Rumble too, so we've got issues for tonight's main event. Sin Cara-Barrett is up next, after apparently "kicking off SmackDown" nearly an hour ago. WWE Fit Series DVD ad. Good to see the top heels care so much about the health of the fans who hate them.

Sin Cara's out in the white, black, and gold gear that pays homage to Mistico but has the Hunico crucifixes on it - it also matches the title he's going for now, which means me wish he'd win since Barrett isn't going anywhere with the title. Love Barrett doing a jig on the way to the ring set to his theme. Sin Cara gets 2 off a pair of cradles, including Kofi's SOS. Barrett boots him off the top and they bonk heads on the landing. Cole talks about Barrett winning the title from Dolph. I honest to God forgot about the fired guys until now.  Apparently, Barrett chalked up the loss to taking Sin Cara lightly. NICE Winds of Change hits Sin Cara for 2. Bull Hammer is teased, but Sin Cara gets a schoolboy into a deadlift powerbomb! This was beautiful. Swanton misses, but he rolls through and goes for a springboard something, but eats a Bull Hammer for the loss. This was short and really good for the time it was given - they've got something with each guy here if they choose to do anything with it.

Dean lurked backstage and said as a kid, he was the one you'd avoid in the playground and that he didn't play well with others. This bodes well for the Royal Rumble, and he doesn't care about doing the right thing for others or his bodies - it's all about the title. Seth's out first, followed by Show, and then Kane - given the issues between Kane and Show, it makes sense to not do a combo intro for them. It also fills time. While Kane came out, Byron plugged the WM reading challenge. Bryan's out first for the faces, then Dean and Roman.

Seth stomps away on Dean to start, but Dean comes back with shots and an eye rack to get the edge. Dean tags Roman in and he gets a big suplex. Kane's in for hoss warfare and gets 2 off a shoulderblock. Bryan comes in and kicks Kane in the corner. Bryan and Kane fight to the floor, then Show and Reigns brawl and Seth fights with Dean before the faces join together in the ring and the heels regroup on the floor. Dean runs wild on Seth with the rapid shots and the dropkick in the ropes for 2.

Corner jabs to Seth lead to Dean going up weirdly for the flying elbow, but Seth puts him in a tree of woe for the knee. Bryan got a rib injury over huge eons ago this same way - it's a little thing, but it's a nagging injury that he can use to add a layer of storytelling to his matches. SHOW GETS A STANDING ANKLE LOCK on Dean and King says Show's promotional photos are so big they're done by Google Earth. Love Show getting in a cheap chop to the chest. Show runs wild on him, then Kane attacks and Seth comes in to talk smack before eating some shots. Kane's back in and he eats the rebound lariat before a hot tag attempt is stopped by Seth. Show runs and trips up Dean so he can't make a tag. Dean overcomes the odds and tags in Bryan! He runs wild on Seth, then Kane. Show sends Roman over the table. Yes Lock's on Kane, but Seth breaks it up. Dean elbows the pile on the floor. Kane eats the running knee and Bryan wins! This wasn't a classic, but was a super-fun match and a great show overall. HHH comes out to cut Bryan's celebration short. Next Thursday, we get Bryan vs. Kane again and if Bryan loses, he's out of the Rumble.


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