Saturday, January 17, 2015

TNA Impact Wrestling Unlocked 1-17-15

I forgot about this, but saw it thanks to Twitter. It's still got 40 minutes left, so I might as well check it out. The Best of Jeff Hardy is on after this show, which makes the minute+ long addiction help line ad a bit weird. Impact top 5 - Samoa Joe is 5, EC3 is 4, MVP is 3, Eric Young is 2 after beating Roode, while Roode is the number 1 contender due to having the title stolen from him. Knockouts tag is up. BPs intro is now just fine for Saturday morning TV even with the twerking and upskirts. Kong's stuff was so great - such a shame this is basically just a run for her to get some money for back surgery, although it's a chance for her to get things back on track in big ways after a rough half decade.

EC3 meets with JB. Wow, this is a 2 hour show and it does seem like they just re-cut Impact with some new stuff. The ranking stuff should be in the main show and so far, I'm not really seeing a need for this show. X Title match is up. Really now? This is just a replay of Impact with a new name and some surface-level changes although the show does actually hold up to some rewatching, which is good. BDC promo. Okay, in 30 minutes of viewing, they've had ONE THING that wasn't on Impact and it was a minute long. And that's it - they just nixed intros for the main event thing. Wow.


  1. Didn't bother making one since everything would've been on Impact.

  2. they could at least show the show from different camera angles... some unseen footage... anything... why just repeat the main show with only an interview and thats it? it was sold as a new show... oh well.... hope they fix it...

  3. Yeah, it seems like a real waste of a timeslot - kind of like TNA Rewind, where they just had a one hour version of Impact before Impact.


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