Friday, May 16, 2014

WWE SD 5-16-14

Usos vs. Rhodes Bros. starts off the international version. This should be a lot of fun. Cody's back is all bruised up. JBL talked about Goldust's history in teams, like BOOKDUST! God they ruled. I like Cody using a lot of punches and hard body shots - it adds some edge to his character, which he needs since he looks 15. JBL talking about the Usos being fighting champions would be a far better point if this was actually at title match. Nice snapping splash from Goldust to prevent an Uso tag - it's amazing to see him dash around there at his age. An Uso superkick hits for the dive and the win. A Bryan injury video airs, which will likely start the US version off. Cena's out - yup, this will definitely start the US version off. Cena cut a promo on Bray and his lack of MARBLES! Instead of singing "he's got the whole world in his hands, he should be singing he's got no pearls in his pants!" - should've just done that. He accepted the last man standing match and challenged any Wyatt family member.

HEATH'S GOING TO FACE TORITO! Heath got the lead, then he held Torito for his Scrappy punches. Hornswoggle came in and accidentally gored Heath. Shield-Evolution video. Paige hype video showed her crying over the title win. I'm sure JBL will mock her for that. Nattie's facing Nattie with Eva as the ref. Nikki turned a surfboard into a pin for a win. This was nothing. Dolph tweeted about Batista, who got a match against him. Dolph's bumping around like a champ for Batista. Low blow gives Dolph a win. Batista bomb to the barricade. This was fun. Titus and Sheamus had a verbal scuffle, with Titus saying he shouldn't be US Champion because he's not from the U.S. Titus demanded that the bell be rung, it was, and Sheamus kicked him for the instant win. Adam Rose's cheeseburger declared himself to be delicious and Rose said he wanted Zebby and Jacky to be fun! Sandow faced Santino, who beat him with the cobra. Sandow talked about being a good soldier and then lambasted a guy for keeping his mic on, so it was turned off. Sandow the Shooter sucks. Cesaro squashed Truth. Oh lord, Bray chose Rowan to face Cena. WHY NOT HARPER, WHY!? They had a basic match, Rowan escaped the STF, but lost to the AA. This was a show.

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