Friday, May 2, 2014

WWE SD 5-2-14

It's been a crazy day in a lot of good ways. I woke up at 5 AM after going to sleep really quickly right after Impact. I think that gave me the juice to handle today's drama, which I took care of by 11 AM. A THREE MINUTE LONG RECAP of the Shield-Evolution stuff started things before the basic SD intro. Usos and Sheamus against the Wyatts starts the card off - so this will air after the Torito/Hornswoggle deal on US TV. ROWAN AND SHEAMUS HAD A BATTLE OF THE GINGERS! Crazy Cactus Jack-style crossbody from Sheamus takes them both over the top. Swamp Chin Music from Harper gets 2. Uso gets a hot tag and he runs wild. Whisper in the Wind misses and Harper gets 2 off the Michinoku Driver, called a Tiger Driver by JBL. Blind tag to Bray leads to the Sister Abigail for the win - this was fun! They beat him up. Contract signing. Hornswoggle wants green mini M & Ms and 300 copies of 3MB's greatest hits. Little guys hopped on the table and a brawl broke out...this really was not good. RVD faced Swagger, which was worth watching just due to Heyman being on commentary. HIS CLIENT BROCK LESNAR ENDED THE UNDERTAKER'S UNDEFEATED STREAK AT WRESTLEMANIA. RVD hit a really shitty wheel kick and got a win with the frog splash. Cesaro attacked him afterwards with a Neutralizer. RVD in the Tito Santana role of enhancement talent works, although he really can't do as much in this role as Tito could in the early '90s because he's so limited. He looks like RVD of old in a photo, but can't do even the things he could do in TNA - or his last WWE run just six months ago. Heyman approved the "Cesaro is Extreme" moniker, which I hope is never used because having him be remotely associated with ECW does him no favors as an act in 2014.

Lana's ass introduced Rusev, who faced Truth in a nothing match until Woods came down to gang up on him. Rusev took a scary bump here, which was frightening - and Woods had a Black Ranger shirt on. Bryan cut a promo about having to protect one's family as the top priority. He somehow said the word father without breaking down, so kudos to him for that. Kane cut a promo to set up clips. Dolph's out to face Magneto. I guess they ran long on Raw and couldn't actually do this match. Now the hoodie is tucked into the tights, which looks far better than the untucked Raw look. A dropkick put the cape over his face and the Zig Zag hit. This was stupid. A Paige sitdown interview aired to hype up the Divas title match. She still has no real character here. Her name is Paige. She's pale, and she's...feisty! Big E faced Titus in a match that further killed the dead crowd. Titus was DQed for kicking too much ass, so they just brawled a ton. This was nothing. A Wyatt-Cena video aired that should've been on Raw, and then Bray played a clip of the Raw singing on a record player and cut a basic promo on Cena. Ambrose came out for his title match with a lot more swagger than usual. Match begins with ten minutes left - hell of a main event this will be. Nice slap to Ryback from Ambrose led to him getting all flustered and low bridged to the floor. Axel and Ambrose have really nice chemistry here - VINTAGE NIGEL JAWBREAKER LARIAT FROM AMBROSE! I hope that becomes a regular move so it's in the games and then Nigel can be recreated in games better. Alberto kicked out of a Perfetplex at 2. Boy was him losing in three minutes to Goldust a dumb move with this match going on. Shouldn't Goldust logically be in it instead? Armbar to Ryback. Ryback hoisted him into the Shellshock. Axel pulls him off to prevent the pinfall. Ambrose Oklahoma rolls Axel to win. Rybaxel attacks him, so the Shield back him up and take them out. Fun-ish match, but nothing special - much like the show as a whole.

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  1. Ambrose and Nigel are both out of the HWA co. in Cincinnati so that's def. a nod.