Friday, May 9, 2014

WWE SD 5-9-14

Shield's night from Raw was recapped. SD begins with Sheamus-Ambrose for the U.S. Title. This gets the big match intros, which is nice. These two mesh really well together, and are having a great little technical match here. Sheamus pulled up his shirt for the clubbering, and beyond rib tape, Ambrose has abs! I like Sheamus hitting a ducking kick, then Dean getting knocked back for Nigel's rebound lariat. Dean went for the spring-legged dropkick, but was Brogue kicked and sent to the floor. Dean struggles to get in and eats another kick! On one hand, Sheamus came off as the better man here - which is good because the battle royal win didn't help his credibility. On the other, man did Ambrose come off as not a main event-level guy with this loss. Heyman is out for commentary, and BARRETT HAS SOME BAD NEWS! A fan has a "Randy Sits When He Pees" sign right behind Barrett's head. It's Cesaro and Barrett against RVD and Big E. This is one of those "bunch of moves" match. Everyone's hitting their signature stuff, but there's no real story being told. Big E thankfully didn't kill Cesaro with the ST-Joe. RVD "hit" a kick to Big E that missed by a mile and cost E the match.

Kofi's out to get crushed by Rusev. Lana praised Russia for banning foul language, and then Rusev smashed Kofi. The only thing different here was Rusev adding a bit of spin to his musou slam. Bray cut a promo on Cena about fear and limits. GOOD GOD JUST END THIS FEUD. Fandango and Layla, with her ass being shown off nicely, faced Santino and Emma. Emma breaks the Dilemma up after like 2, so why bother even doing it? Distraction schoolgirl got the win for Layla. Henry cut an inset promo on how the Shield took him out, so now he wants Reigns - I'm all for this. It pounds out their vile past, and shows that there are consequences for their past actions. Reigns hit a Samoan drop to counter the Vader bomb. This set up the spear and a quick win. This was fun.

Slater and Drew of 3MB with Hornswoggle against the Matadores and Torito. Loved Hornswoggle going for the sunset flip counter butt bomb, THE BULL GIVING HIM A THUMBS UP, and then moving. This kind of wackiness works, and reminds me of Steamboat doing something similar in a jobber match in like '93 where he got up while his opponent was galavanting, asked the crowd to play along, so they did and he won. Heath and the bull were fantastic together and Heath got beat. Standing Lionsault won for the bull! Recap of the Bryan-Brie idiocy from Raw.

BIG DAVE came out to face Seth. Seth was so great at making Batista look powerful and a bit like the Batista of old. Poor JTG - Seth busted out the Slingblade, so hey, at least it'll be in WWE's games without the JTG wackiness after it. Spinebuster hits, but Seth counters the powerbomb and kicks Batista to the floor. Seth went to dive to the floor, but Dave side-stepped him and he hit the announce table. That looked great! Seth lost via countout, giving the Shield only one win tonight after three singles matches. Mid-ring Batista bomb hits. No Shield here for whatever reason.

Wyatts are out to face Cena and the Usos. Bray works well with both Usos, who can match his intensity. Usos are also great with Harper, and can make Rowan look good too. I like the Usos' neon green gear matching Cena's stuff. An Uso dive saved Cena, but left the other open to a spinning clothesline and a win for the Wyatts. Bray doing his pose ended a theoretically eventful SD that really didn't feel all that important.

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