Friday, May 30, 2014

WWE SD 5-30-14

Generic SD intro vid starts things off. Cesaro battles Kofi. Cesaro shined so brightly in a Superstars match against him a year ago, and they start the show saying how much more Cesaro has matured since those days. They had a basic match and Cesaro won after hitting the uppercut as a crossbody counter. Post-match Neutralizer. Barrett cut a promo on Sheamus about their match tonight. Shame that wasn't built up at all on Raw. Shield cut a basic promo that will start the show in North America about the elimination match. IC Title clips hyped up the IC-US Champion match tonight. Paige tapped out Tamina with the MODIFIED SCORPION CROSS LOCK now called the PTO - Paige's Tap Out...go back to the crosslock name NOW! Alicia stole the belt. Sheamus cut a promo on Barrett. It's time for Xavier to BOLIEVE! Bo won with the BO-DOG! JBL hyped up THE NEW STREAK! Wyatts recap. Torito beat Jinder with the bullsault. They showed some U.S. Champions of the past, including Sting. Surprisingly, no Flair or Bret in that video. Sheamus and Barrett had a fairly short, but fun brawling-heavy match. I liked Sheamus countering the Wasteland with a Crucifix cradle into a Brogue Kick. This was criminally short, and Barrett shouldn't be losing this quickly to anyone. Sheamus tried to bully Heyman, who pointed out that he said nothing bad about him - true. Sheamus is just a dick.

Big E prepared to face Titus, but Lana's ass came out. Big E squashed Titus and they hyped up him hitting the Big Ending to Rusev. Rusev-E should be a fun big dude brawl. Adam Rose had a comedy match with Swagger and won with a shittier version of Lita's leg cradle. So fake-looking. Good lord. Bray faced Jimmy Uso in a last man standing match. This was a fantastic showcase for Jimmy, who looked great. The fans sang to Bray when he was on offense. He needs to turn face immediately, or at least just get out of this Cena feud. Sister Abigail on the floor got the win. Bray doing the creepy upside-down look under the bottom rope to close the match out ruled. This wasn't a bad show, but it felt like nothing important happened outside of the US-IC match, and that had more hype than ring time.

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