Sunday, March 2, 2014

Raw 1-17-93

REPO MAN STOLE SAVAGE'S HAT! And his hair. He should've taken at least a few hundred of the colors off of Savage's getup. Terrific Terry Taylor is a terrible moniker. Nice match with Perfect though. Marty is of his most early '90s outfits ever. HE'S FACING THRASHER! He's pale, pasty, and has neon trunks and a thinning hairline. It's impossible to think that he'd become Thrasher. Rocker Dropper gets the win. Recap of Doink THE ALLEGED Clown being mean to Crush. Repo Man said Macho's late on the payments for his hat. The Savage clown misses Repo. Darn. Vince yelling at Savage to get the hell out of MOVING TRAFFIC is something else. Vince puts Tito as one of the WWF's all-time greats who could win the Royal Rumble...well, part of one of those statements is arguably true. Tito-Flair should be solid. Bartlett has the gall to insult Flair's fashion. Flair goes up top and gets taken down. Flair flip leads to a bump off the apron, and a heck of one from Flair too. The super-smooth flying forearm hits, but he doesn't go for a cover. Instead, Tito goes for another one and goes over the top. Flair and Perfect are brawling. Sarge and Patterson are trying to separate them and failing. VINTAGE FLAIR PISSED OFF promo. He really didn't cut many of these in the WWF, so this is a great farewell for him.

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