Friday, March 21, 2014

WWE SD 3-21-14

It's the fifth anniversary of my mother's passing, and I'm celebrating it by relaxing. I'll also wind up saving a ton of time for tonight by knocking SD out now. Generic SD intro leads to Dolph-Sandow. Basic match here. Dolph gets a neckbreaker, Sandow misses one, and Dolph wins with a shitty-looking famouser. I love the split-up tag title graphic for the 4-way tonight. Mr. Kane came out in what will likely start the show off in the U.S. Cole says HE CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR FROM KANE. I call bullshit on that. Kane talked about the Bryan deal, leading to them airing a LOT of this thing. Mr. Kane briefly lost his composure, and he read a letter from HHH about how much he regrets the attack, and then he flubbed things which worked due to the crowd chanting. Fandango's out to face Nice springboard elbow from Primo. SUMMER'S IN A RED DRESS! OH NO! Schoolboy finish gave the matador a win. The stuff with the bull ruled. Luke Harper said that he is the reaper and will carry out His will. Bray as a Christ analog is working for this feud. Shield's out for the 4-way to determine who faces the tag champs. Jinder is back to wearing regular gear, which sucks for him. Ambrose and Seth took Ryback out with a clothesline. DOUBLE DIVE BY THE SHIELD! Seth sold a Cesaro big boot marvelously. Crazy cradle from Ambrose got 2. Tremendous spear to Heath by Reigns gave Seth an opening to take Mahal out with the Blackout. Kane and the Outlaws took out Reigns. Reigns briefly stood his ground, but wound up getting overwhelmed. Chokeslam to Reigns - Kane-Reigns will be an interesting little deal.

Miz is out for Miz TV. Oh please God no. Miz brought out the favorite to win the battle royal, the Big Show, and then a bunch of geeks in the match came out to do a giant battle royal before the...big giant battle royal on PPV. They just did an abandon ship battle royal, which didn't make me want to see the Andre one at all. Show and Sheamus had a really fun brawl as the last two guys. Big E and Alberto were out for that, and then had a quick match that Alberto won in a couple of minutes with the superkick. Bad night for Big E. Santino asked Jill to cover up his black eye, he doesn't want Emma to see it. Santino did her dance, she scared him, he bonked her eye, and then ran off...this was goofy. Mr. T vid. Nattie and Summer are a team...for some reason, against the Bellas. AJ and Tamina are buds again or something. Nice flippy matwork by Nattie to start. Brie hit Nattie with the X factor and won. Main Event Heyman-Taker recap led to a Taker-Brock one.

Kane gave Rybaxel a shot, then Zeb got his team a shot as well since they beat the champs on Raw as well. Drew demanded a shot because, and I quote "we were there too". He gave them a shot in the battle royal. Then shirtless Mr. Kane hugged the Outlaws. Lana looked hot and brought out Rusev. Cena-Wyatt "Legacy" hype vid aired. THANK GOD they made that before WM, because it's incredible. Basic match until Harper escaped the STF by biting Cena, then dropping him on his face for 2. Rana from Cena, RUNNING RANA FROM HARPER and the Michinoku Driver got 2. Holy shit that was fun. AA gets the win in a five minute match. This should've been three times as long, but it was a good test run for a longer Raw match if need be.

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