Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WWE Main Event LIVE 3-11-14

Before this, they're showing the Brian Christopher-TAKA Michinoku match from the DX PPV. Man was BC ever really good back then. He seemed like a perfect IC-level guy before he came in, and things never quite worked out like that for him. Garea, Brisco, and Patterson hand TAKA the belt, which never really looked right with the red strap or the yellow block WWF logo. They hype up being able to watch ME first and LIVE on the Network. Los Matadores are out. WHY DON'T PEOPLE ATTACK THEM DURING THEIR NINE HOUR ENTRANCE? Rybaxel gets to face them. Axel cut an inset promo and talked about being held by Andre as a baby. Christ, Axel looks at least 45 now. They did moves. More moves. One of the generic announcers talked about HOW AMAZING IT WAS TO SEE HOGAN PUT HIS STAMP OF APPROVAL ON CENA. Nice running kneelift from Axel. Big splash from Ryback misses. Springboard chop into a spinning crosschop by whichever Colon is Diego. GORGEOUS springboard crossbody doesn't get a count. Headstand in the corner gets messed up, but he turns it into a bridge and then goes back for the headscissors! Nice save. Axel gets beat with a schoolboy after kicking Torito onto Ryback. This got fun. Divas title match is up next.

Kane faces Show on SD as a result of the KO punch last week. I love how they've got all sorts of spider webs and stuff in her whole set design. They showed the SD tapout and AJ being beaten, so I see AJ winning here. And then she cut this weird promo about being bored and BEING CHAMP FOREVER, so...yeah she could be losing here. Chimel did the big match intro for this. I'm digging Nattie going for a Bret '95 look with the white and grey speckled gear. They're going for a ton of basic wrestling holds here. I like that - it helps this stand out immediately. VINTAGE RAZOR abdominal stretch holding the other leg. Dropkick from Nattie "grazes" AJ and sends her flipping to the floor. A WM XXX mag ad aired with a ton of cool images. Nice running flying forearm to the...chest region of Nattie. NICE running lariat from AJ. Foot choke in the corner from AJ. She's laying everything in nicely here. Nattie with an Ambrose-esque flurry of punches to the back. Nice guillotine choke from AJ! Nattie powers out, so AJ turns into the Coquina Clutch! Big Michinoku Driver from Nattie gets 2. BLACK WIDOW'S LOCKED ON, but it's powered out and they tease the SD finish. AJ Turns it into a cradle. AJ withstood the sharpshooter for ages - almost an Austin moment there. She got the ropes then hit the shining wizard. Black Widow is locked in tight. Nattie taps. YES! AJ'S REIGN CONTINUES! I would've been fine with any finish here, this was the best WWE main roster women's match since at least AJ-Katilyn at Payback, and this was way better.

Emma and Santino went on a date...in catering. They did bad slapstick. "I'LL NEVER ASK FOR PEPPER AGAIN!" and I'll hopefully never see that again. YES  Movement recap. Yup, it's great in video form. They kept all of Steph's yelling - she's going to sound 70 at 40. Oh God, Henry-Ambrose is the main event match. I hope it's at least 500 times better than their Raw match was. Monday night war hype vid. That'll be a fun watch. They did basic stuff and were fine. Henry sent Ambrose out for an ad break. They had an ad for the BEST WCW PPV MATCHES Blu-Ray. Watch them all on the Network. A Brock-Taker hype vid aired. "Maybe a man can't end the streak, MAYBE A BEAST CAN!" and then Brock is shown just killing dudes. This rules. FLYING KNEE CLIP from Ambrose. I've never seen that before - digging it. Half-crab by Ambrose is escaped by Henry using the ropes. The stream is alternating between looking perfect and looking like '99 Real Player. One of the generic commentators asked if Henry would induct Ambrose into the HALL OF FAME. Yowza. Nice British Bulldog-style powerslam from Henry and the JYD headbutts too. Henry as a face doesn't quite work. Henry as a heel with likeable traits is perfect. Henry gets taken down during a Vader bomb thanks to a distraction, and Ambrose wins with a kneeling headlock driver. This was better than their Raw match, but not quite good.

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