Sunday, March 2, 2014

WCW Wrestle War '90

OH MY GOD, WRESTLE WAR '90 HAS A RAP SONG OPENING IT. With a wacky '80s Casio keyboard riff! And Terry Funk has a giant earring! TERRY FUNK HAS AN EAR PIERCING. Mind=blown. Holy Jesus, Buzz Sawyer got owned by the road. He went from looking like Festus in '84 to Festus's daddy in half a decade. Ace's mullet is amazing. Buzz's selling is wacky. Not making use of the "great amateur skills" here. Sullivan and his neon green glasses-holder are chopping the hell out of Shane. Sullivan and Sawyer as a pair of middle-aged looking balding crazy guys rules. Shoulder to the ROO'S POST. Nowadays, it would be near the National Guard Prep Point. Sawyer is a ton of fun to watch here even if he's well...not a great guy, kind of a horrible person, and looks to have just showered after a year of homelessness. I do love that even in this state, every single thing he does is different. A suplex has a unique look to it, gutwrench has a big snap on it. Sawyer checks Shane's oil...while biting his ribs. Okay then.

The ground bearhug looks odd, and shows off the weird WCW logo here - it's the same basic logo, but with the lower part of the C hacked off a ton. It looks more like a C than an O, but looks odd to the eye. "The wrestlers have a ten count if they haven't been, um, molested by that point". Jim Ross has had many strange calls so far, and that's easily the weirdest one. Terry Funk, here in 1990, is talking about being glad he's retired. Sullivan took a dropkick to the side and went through the ropes about as fast as if he was walking through them. The ring apron is massive here - I wonder if they used a bigger ring than usual for this show. Sawyer's superfly dive won. Norman the Lunatic is backstage macking on Missy Hyatt. HOLY GOD MISSY HYATT WAS UNBELIEVABLY HOT. And Mick Foley gained a ton of weight between '90 and '92. More horrible ROH-level lighting for the stage here. Terry suggested that Norman put the propeller hat on JR. I'm shocked Vince didn't do that at some point. glitches out again and sends me to the main menu. Oh well.

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