Friday, March 14, 2014

WWE SD 3-14-14

Generic SD intro. Real Americans are facing the Rhodes Bros. Nice outside-in over the top double foot stomp from Cesaro. Zeb made wacky faces at ringside while his team had issues. Swagger pissed him off with a blind tag. Cody wins with the worst backslide ever. Cesaro acted like a full heel here and attacked Goldust after before they were run off by the tag champs. Recap of the Bryan stuff from Raw. HHH said stuff about ending everything at WM with Bryan, and he's happy that the people had their moment. #TRIPLEH is the thing they're trying to get trending for this segment. HHH brought Sandow out as "the first competitor tonight", so this will probably be the opening segment on the U.S. version. HHH made Sandow face Rollins. Okay little match here. Sandow's a face again this week. Blackout wins. Hogan announcement recap. Fandango's out to get killed by Big E. Both are in the battle royal. Bodyblock, Big Ending. Poor Mr. Dango.

#BNB went sky high to talk about 'Taker's streak ending and then everyone will get fired due to their kids keeping them up with crying. "THAT SLEEPING DURING A MEETING THING MUST BE GOING AROUND!" So Vince was pissed about someone doing that recently. Hogan/Cena/Wyatts recap. Bray's out to kill Kofi, who beat THE WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION recently by the way. Corner bodyblock leads to Sister Abigail for the win. Mr. Kane congratulated Dean on defending the title against Henry, and Dean told him to focus on Show, the guy who knocked him out. Kane wrestling as an executive is now him leading by example. Seth took offense to the Shield being used to pick up the scraps. Reigns stood up to Kane and said they don't take orders from him, and Dean said they'll always do what's best for business. Nikki's cleavage faced Tamina. Nikki got the rack attack and the win. Dolph's facing Alberto for some reason. These two were in the World Title match what six months ago and now it's just a nothing SD match. Cole talked about WM 25 and JBL said he didn't remember it.

Cole hyped up the 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF WRESTLEMANIA. Well, at least that's not the actual name of the event like it was for 25. Dolph and Alberto had every match they've ever had. Super reverse superplex by Alberto got 2.9. Dolph countered the armbar with the Zig Dolph got a clean win over a theoretical major guy. I'm sure it'll do as much good for him as the Kofi win did for him or Alberto beating Batista did. Carlos Colon's HOF video aired. The PR footage was in some rough shape. Show and Kane came out for their match. They're just doing moves slowly. DOUBLE CHOKE SPOT was broken up quickly with a kickoff and clothesline. Flying bus takes Kane down. Super chokeslam from Kane gets 2. Kane ordered the Shield to help, they left and Kane got chokeslammed for the win. Roman speared Kane afterwards, so they're setting Kane up as his first face foe it would seem. I'm very glad I just watched the early version because I saved a ton of time in doing so.

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