Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WWE Main Event Live 3-18-14

Shock of shocks, but this Canadian Stampede crowd reaction has held up well. Shame they aren't re-doing all of these shows to nix the blurring period. Holy God, Flair has aged a billion years since this LoW was shot. They're at least plugging Ion's airing of ME now, so maybe they actually want that free money. Rhodes Bros. are out. Oh yeah, they didn't hype up any matches for this - just 'Taker, which is honestly more exciting. It's a rematch from SD against the Real Americans. There's gonna be a wacky 4-way to determine the top contenders to the tag titles...on SD I think. They talked about the DEBUT of Undertaker on ME. It's his first appearance, but unless it's a match, using debut seems a bit odd. A wacky acoustic version of "Voices" and "I Walk Alone" hyped up WM. Really nothing to this match so far. 3 point stance from Cesaro led to the clothesline, like Duggan, but good. Swing got 8 revs, leading to a tag to Swag. Cody tagged in and hit a springboard double dropkick to both dudes. Moonsault block got 2. Disaster kick countered into the ankle lock. You know, as silly as HBK surviving the ankle lock at WM 21 was, at least he was HBK and not CODY RHODES!  Cross Rhodes got the win after Goldust saved Cody from not being able to get to the ropes thanks to Cesaro. The generic announcers stood out because they were on-screen, and hyped up Slam City. Cena-Harper got hyped. That Cena shirt looks like it should be used for a WWE Pac-Man clone.

Funkadactyls are out. Layla and Alicia are out - so Foxsana might be done! Layla appeared to steal her gear from Lisa Tuttle. Naomi's cookie hit Alicia right in the face during the double legdrop. Awesome recap of the HHH-Bryan stuff from Raw. Oh thank God, it's Big Show. Boy has his stock dropped a ton in four months. Titus came out to job...BOY THANK GOD THEY BROKE UP THE PTPS. Show hits a chop on the floor and then one against the ropes. Titus goes for the knee and then did the kick>pop up bump repeat spot. BIG back suplex from Show to Titus to counter a headlock. Titus got up first, OF COURSE. SKY HIGH TO SHOW got 2. Chokeslam and KO punch get the win. Taker is up next. BUT FIRST, it's the awesome "Legacy" vid. And then, it's a recap of the Heyman stuff from Raw.

Heyman bullied Lilian to give him the mic. Heyman talked for a while and cut a basic promo. It was fine, but not the most exciting thing ever. Taker came down. Taker came down and Heyman went OH NO! Taker showed up behind him in his gear. Taker looks so old now. The jet black Amish beard is something else. He's at least got the mohawk grown in though. The close-ups were not kind to his many wrinkles. Taker will be at Raw, and just let Paul leave. I did like him scaring Paul with the pyro, but this wasn't much of a promo, or a show.

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