Friday, March 28, 2014

WWE SD 3-28-14

No intro for SD. Instead, it starts with Sandow-Sin Cara. Cara's got the blue and gold, but with a crucifix on the gear. Crowd is dead. Cara wins with an O' Conner roll. Show talked about how creepy Bray is. Recap of the Shield-Kane deal. Shield as a trio, with Rollins in a rash guard, faced 3MB. Jinder is ripped. Headlock bulldog is now the Dirty Deed. THESE FINISHER NAMES SUCK. Kane and the Corporate Outlaws came out. Road Dogg looked like an agent, while Billy looked like a plantation owner. Kane makes Rybaxel the Shield's next opponents. Cole ranted about the Outlaws getting new wacky corporate titles. Rollins ran wild with kicks and a big flip dive to Rybaxel. Curb stomp, called that instead of the Peace of Mind, won. Triple powerbomb to Rybaxel. Big Douche Dave came out in an olive green jacket and pants that matched his WWE shirt. And a grey beanie with a grey hoodie underneath the jacket. Batista said Steph hits harder than his opponents, leading to HHH coming out. This segment seems like the U.S. show opener. A fan holds up a giant BATISTA SUCKS sign. Batista says HHH has never beaten him, leading to HHH saying here, he doesn't have a stuntman, and that he's yet to see the Animal. HHH cited himself as an example of delivering an ass-kicking, but Batista couldn't do that - HHH wants to see "what you can still do". WOW did this bury Batista six feet under. And he's facing Sheamus - why give away these new matches on free TV without build?

OH GOD IT'S FANDANGO-GOLDUST II. This absolutely sucked. They just did moves and then Fandango won with a kick to the face as Goldust got into the ring. Batista-Sheamus is up. Batista's now got guards on his calves. His pseudo-MMA look is bizarre. Basic kick/punch match with a fantastic grounded kneelift from Batista. A neck snap on the rope showed off a CM QUITTER sign. Batista hit the spinebuster and made his pecs dance. Batista's right abdomen around the beltline looks so old. I don't know if he had surgery or something, but the giant line there makes him look his age. SHADES OF THE GAME with the kneelift from Sheamus, despite HHH never doing that. They brawled some more on the apron, then to the floor and Batista got DQed for a chair. He attacked him with a Batista bomb afterwards to "unleash the animal."

"Legacy" video for Bray-Cena led to a Wyatt promo using the mask and saying everyone's guilty in this world and if you hide behind the mask too long, it becomes you. Great stuff. Bellas are up against AJ and Tamina, with Vickie on commentary. Still no word on WHAT KIND OF MATCH IT'S GOING TO BE. AJ had better be turning face after this, because she's absolutely being booked like a face with this. Tamina turned on AJ and Brie beat her with the X factor. Santino and Emma did a skit and ordered the same food. He spit up wine on her, then puked off-screen...God these two have no luck with skits. An Uso faced Swagger, who won with the ankle lock. They hyped up WM XXX with a then, now, forever showing fake family histories with WWE and tons of wacky WWE props. Brock-Taker hype vid. Henry ON THE APP talked about meeting Andre at 8 and winning it would mean a lot to him. It's Henry-Miz...oh boy. They did moves, then Henry won with the slam. Nothing match. They've aired the Bearer vid, now they're doing Mr. T, and next, it's Razor. TONS of filler here. Show-Wyatt's going to have about five minutes - WHAT A MAIN EVENT! I think the Bully-Roode table brawl thing last twice as long. Show dominated with force, but Bray got the edge thanks to Show missing a big elbow. Big senton got 2. Bray did the spider walk, but it led to Show hitting some clotheslines. Bray did a double avalanche in the corner, and Show got a boot up for the third - which he turned into a DDT-kinda thing. Cheapshot from Harper to Show set up Sister Abigail. Bray just beat a former World and WWE Champion, like Cena - which would've been a nice thing to bring up at some point.

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