Sunday, March 2, 2014

WCW Super Brawl I

Super Brawl I features the debut of Oz. I've seen this gimmick before, but never this exact was it even worse. There's an extended skit, not backstage, BUT ON THE RAMP, with Dorothy, the Scarescrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion talking TO OZ. It's also got the debut of the Diamond Studd. Toothpick, curl...yeah WWF had no real claim on that for the lawsuit. Sid's out for a stretcher match with El Gigante...urge to fast forward rising...Eh, it's only two minutes. Terrible match, and of course the stretcher match ends by pinfall, or submission, or something based on the clawhold slam. The fans AND JIM ROSS are singing the goodbye song to Sid. YAY DOOM CAGE MATCH. I've only seen clips of this on Megaslams before. Digging Ron's RS lightning bolt gear - it's nice to see tome outfits on an early '90s show that don't reek of early '90s. Pretty fun match. Ron bleeds, which he almost never did, and won a solid match with a snap powerslam.

Hype vid for the Luger/Sting-Steiners tag title match. The music for this is beautiful and makes this seem like a big deal. Luger's got the revamped U.S. title design that Rude and Sting fought over that they later expanded in '93. The same basic design, but it looked a bit more important - there's less depth on the faceplate of the bigger one though. Scott Steiner's tights are entirely too tight - like Flanders's snowsuit. LOVE Rick bouncing off of Luger and doing a mid-air flip off of a simple shoulder block. This is a great match...until Luger hits a thing resembling a Russian Legsweep. The fucking Sandman's looked better. STING WINS A TOMBSTONE REVERSAL BATTLE! Nikita Koloff runs down and KOs Sting with the sickle. Steiners win and Luger's pissed. Now Sting and Nikita are brawling outside. Arn's out as TV champ. Wow, they were still using the silver and red belt in '91 - although I think Austin might've actually had this one and then transitioned into the newer one. ROCKET LAUNCHER FROM ARN TO BOBBY ON THE FUCKING RAMP OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! AA spinebuster gets 2! Arn sells a swinging neckbreaker perfectly. Alabama Jam hits despite Barry trying to get involved. THE CROWD GOES CRAZY! Fujinami's robe is amazing. CHOP TO THE BACK FROM FLAIR! The fucking state of Fujinami's chest here. Ref bump to Tiger Hattori leads to a schoolboy with the tights and a fast count from Fonzie. BULLSHIT.

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