Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WWE Main Event Live 3-4-14

The show opened with a recap of Steph and HHH telling Bryan all that they do for him and demanding he get out of the ring. At least Bryan-HHH will be really good. Mr. Kane vs. Bryan starts off the show. Damn, that video package was 4 minutes long. Nice kick off the apron from Bryan, but Kane caught him off of the flying knee and threw him into the barrier. Bow and arrow from Kane using the ring post - nice! Corner kick and elbow combo from Bryan. Bryan wraps Kane's knee around the post - I hope he busts out a ringpost figure four at 'Mania. Running Strong kick to the knee on the floor! Dragon screw by Bryan. Snapping reverse dragon screw-ish thing from Bryan! Running dropkick to the knee - this match is so much better than a regular Kane match due to this laser focus. MR. WRESTLEMANIA. I should watch some HBK later on the Network. What a goofy set to hype up on this show - everything on it AND MORE can be watched at no additional cost. They come back with Kane doing some bodyshots and regaining control. Bow and arrow backbreaker by Kane. Bryan saves himself with a tornado DDT. FLYIN BRYAN WITH A DROPKICK! Barricade dive by Bryan! Kick combo gets countered with a sideslam. Flying clothesline off the top by Kane. Big Misawa forearm by Kane leads to a corner choke. Super rana avoided by Kane. RUNNING DDT by Kane. Bryan counters the chokeslam into a cradle for a win. After 20 minutes, it's over. This wasn't awful, but wasn't exactly as good as Bryan's usual matches. They recapped the Usos winning the tag titles. Wacky Scooby ad aired. They officially announced ME airing live every Tuesday at 8 PM.

Mr. Kane was interviewed by Josh. ZEB HAS A PHOTO ON A TRUCK! Nikki's out for a match. I'll predict Nikki with a win using the Nikki Rack Attack. Alicia's hip swivel rules. So Nikki's socks say SUPERHERO because I guess implants give you superpowers. COME ON NIKKI! COME ON NIKKi! COME ON NIKKI! Shut. Up. Brie. Now it's a NIK-KI chant. Nice clothesline from Nikki. Ouch. Alicia landed right on her ass on a backdrop. Rack Attack wins. Tag Title match is up. LEGENDS HOUSE AD. No. Belts look good on the Usos. Great mid-ring interview with Renee. Road Dogg's coming out nursing his left knee. Billy has aged 20 years in 24 hours. Maddox came out, so he apparently has power on this show. Dogg's injury is legit, and since a tag title match was promised, it will be delivered against LOS MATADORES! WM ad. Road Dogg is great on commentary. These teams don't mesh very well and the crowd is dead. Dive from an Uso to Diego. Jimmy with the deadman dive over the top. WCW's biggest PPV matches on Blu-Ray...or all of them on the Network for less than the cost of the Blu-Ray. Double monkey flip by the Matadores looked awful. Poor Dogg got hurt doing a triple flip on the ice after Raw. Damn shame. Bubba Bomb! Then they did a tombstone tease counter over and over leading to a mid-ring tornado DDT for 2. Headstand led to a gut superkick. Double superkick led to the dive and the win. Billy ate a rana on the floor from the bull! Giant clusterfuck of a diving double something or other hit Billy.

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