Tuesday, March 25, 2014

WWE Main Event LIVE 3-25-14

Well, they've already nixed the Christian-Big E match to seemingly tease a retirement angle for Christian. The pre-show filler was just a Q and A with Big E and an NXT Arrival hype vid. They start the show with Big E coming out and say Christian's out with a concussion. Now Sheamus is coming out for a new number 1 contender's match against Alberto and Dolph. Dolph yelled about knowing what time it is. We all know what time it is - jobbing time! They basically just re-did the Raw match without Christian, and Alberto was smoother with the apron kick. Dolph won after doing...a thing called a Zig Zag on Alberto while he hit Sheamus with the backstabber. Raw opening recap. Big Dave will VENT HIS SPLEEN on SD.

Ten-Diva tag is on tap. AJ said the match at WM should be AJ Lee vs. the World - well, that's accurate. Summer's theme rules. Layla starts by slapping Nattie's ass hard. Layla mocking Emma's retarded stuff rules. Sweet Christ Eva nearly landed on her head taking a Northern Lights Suplex. Nice high kick from Naomi to Tamina, leading to a big corner forearm ala AJ Styles. Emma dances. Two people do the Fandango dance...yikes. Tamina superkicks Naomi to win this. "She's got that Snuka look in her eye." RUN AJ, AND HIDE THE COKE! They showed the Cena mirror bit from Raw. It's a 4-way for the tag titles, with the champs facing the Matadors, Rybaxel, and the Real Americans. The Cena-Wyatt video gave them an excuse to show Harper being amazing.

YAY IT'S TIME FOR BAD NEWS! Barrett gets paid six figures to fly around the country, take part in online skits, and get on a podium without wrestling - it's his best gig since his main event push ended. Everyone should wear a sheep mask because they're ugly. IC Title match is up. Dolph is in new gear - very Savage at WM IV-esque and they got the big match intro here. Big E starts off with a side headlock...and he could honestly make that a finisher. E misses a shoulder charge in the corner after the break to give Dolph an edge for a bit. Jumping DDT got 2. Famouser gets 2, then the Big Ending gets 3. Well, that an amusing show.

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