Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 HOF

King introduced a wacky Kid Rock video that had nothing to do with the HoF, then Lita came out and talked about traveling to Mexico for about 19 hours. She stole a mask. Talked for 19 more hours. This paid off with her telling a story about Arn getting her a meeting with Rey and owing them beers, so SHE GOT THEM BEERS! I hope they card Rey. She brings up the whole Kane thing and then it gets good and she references getting a baby blanket from a fan and keeping it in case she ever gets "a demon spawn.". She talks about breaking her neck and not wanting to miss an autograph signing for her bobble head, which is in a prop bag. I wonder if she's got that dildo from her sendoff in that bag. She talked about breaking her neck doing the Dark Angel shoot and being told that IF SHE SNEEZES, she could be paralyzed. She thanked York and Matthews, Victoria (who was there) MANAMI TOYOTA! Lita put over Ross's commentary, so they're about to take this ring from her. She thanked Mickie, Essa. She finally mentioned the Hardys, the Dudleys, and E+C. Jake's out next - no buffer.

The video package for him was fantastic - showcasing his snappy punches, the DDT, and his promos. King introduced DDP as "Diamond Dallas Page - DDT!" and he's got his WWF theme. DDP said it's his birthday. It's a shame he isn't being inducted on his birthday, but this is cool. He thanked Dusty for starting him out and Jake teaching him a ton, and told a great story about Kim being scared of the snake and finding Jake on the floor with a 12 foot black co...bra. He started crying talking how thankful he was for Jake. He talked about Jake's journey back from where he was 18 months ago. NOW the Hall of Fame was the goal, not the Rumble. Well, this was more realistic. Jake came out and looked fantastic. Seconds in and he's already crying. Jake's voice is shot. He talked about growing up hating wrestling because of his father, but he learned that it wasn't wrestling he hated, it was the man. Jake's speech was just amazing. He capped it off holding a grandson and telling Vince to hire him in 20 years. Then stupid comedy with Torito hitting King in the balls aired.

Mr. T's up.

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