Friday, April 18, 2014

SD 4-18-14

Big E's out to start the show. His inset promo talks about him being the king of popping and locking and putting over his opponents. HE NOW FACES ALBERTO IN YET ANOTHER MATCH. Cole rattles off IC Title Facts and Big E hits the Warrior splash - which is perfect for him in 2K14. ADR got DQed for doing an armbar for too long and took a Big Ending. Wow. Streak recap. HHH is out talking about the Shield, so this will probably start the U.S. show off. Great recap of the Evolution-Shield deal. Heyman did a fairly generic promo about Brock conquering the streak, being The One, and made it stand out by being far more animated than usual and moving around the area a lot. A Torito-Hornswoggle recap video aired. THEN THEY GOT A TALE OF THE TAPE! Paige is out to face Aksana. I like her kneelifts on the apron. Great repeating shortarm clotheslines too. Scorpion cross lock gets the win - that finish rules! Sheamus cut a promo on Batista, fella. TORITO-HORNSWOGGLE IS NEXT!

RUNNING RANA BY TORITO! JBL praises 3MB for helping Hornswoggle, but not having a good win/loss record themselves. He loves these kinds of wacky matches, and was fantastic during Hornswoggle-Lil Boogey eons ago. Big clothesline from Horny! Hornswoggle is such a great cocky heel. GORE TO THE BUTT! BROCO BUSTER! MOONSAULT GETS THE WIN! TORITO WINS! TORITO WINS! Barrett came out bearing some BAD NEWS! The fans liking Torito-Hornswoggle proves they're idiots- THANK YOU! Truth gets to be killed by Rusev. Lana w/ legs and theme came out. Lana demanded he crush! AND HE CRUSHED! Fantastic Warrior tribute vid aired - that music video is one of their best ever.

Fandango and Layla came out to face Santino in yet another match for whatever reason. Emma and Layla brawled and Santino won with a sunset flip. Kane-Steph recap from Raw. Batista-Sheamus! Odd to put this brand-new match on TV for free when it could really be a PPV match at some point, but it should be quite good. JBL put over Evolution-Shield as being on par with getting the Freebirds against the Horsemen...depends on the version, but sure. Batista and Sheamus had a fun physical match with a lot of striking, a boomerang neck snap from Batista, and a touch of ground and pound from Sheamus. I like Batista crotching Sheamus on the ropes as a setup for the Batista bomb and the win - it was different and done logically.

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