Friday, April 4, 2014

WWE SD 4-4-14

I slept wrong and woke up Tuesday morning hurting quite a bit, and today, my left arm's really tight, so there probably won't be too many words here - perfect show for that since it's largely going to be WM hype though. Dolph starts the show facing Titus. Dolph took a crazy bump for a flapjack. Moves moves moves Zig Zag win. Hogan's on later and King and Renee will be shown from Axxess next. They said nothing, then ran a Taker-Brock vid from the WM daily shows. Now they're hyping up a recap of Bryan-HHH...I think I'll be done with this after the Hogan interview. More Axxess stuff, and there's going to be a post-SD panel with JBL, Foley, and Flair - that could be fun. Recap of Steph abusing the talent to set up her interview with Cole. Cole, THE FACE, congratulated Steph on the Network. This led to a Steph-Bryan-HHH recap vid. Show's only 1/4 over and seems like it won't end. King talked about standing next to the big Andre statue, and Renee wants to wear Trish's Canadian flag jacket from X8. It's bizarre to see them hype up Warrior's DVD by saying NOW it will tell the right story.

Cena-Bray "Legacy" video. More Axxess stuff - Booker's talking with Orton next. Booker as an interviewer is weird. Orton's apparently now a 12-time world champ via the TLC win, which makes some sense even if it just led to the WHC being absorbed into the WWE Title. Orton's not in pants, BUT HE HAS SHORTS. Orton said it's sad to see Batista be four years out of date and have the fans boo him. "Batista, back in the day, would've been an opponent. Now, not so much." Wow. Orton was quite gracious here. Los Matadores face the Real Americans next. This got over what should be a huge Cesaro face spot soon - him doing FIVE BILLION RUNNING UPPERCUTS IN THE CORNER, complete with some hand motions. Nice corner rocket launcher forearm smash with Swagger sending Cesaro high into the air for an AJ forearm. Cesaro jumped the gun to prevent a matador tag, and got low bridged. Cesaro took out the matador on the apron to help his team out. Double team stomp gets 2. Nice flying running headbutts by Diego leading to some chops and a snap rana. Flip dive gets 2 on Cesaro. CESARO GETS THE SWING! Neutralizer gets the win. This was a ton of fun. They did the We the People bit and a fan held up a CM DUCK sign.

Shield-Kane/Outlaws feud recap was incredible. They made the Shield quite likeable. Dean said he loved the Outlaws as kids, and it'd be nice to send them out to pasture in New Orleans since it's warm there. This was a far better video than the feud honestly deserves, but they're fools if they don't run with them as faces for at least another year+. Batista interview coming soon. Recap of him taking dudes out at the Rumble. A fantastic Bruno statue unveiling video aired. This was worth watching, although it's so odd to see HHH as COO in his on-air getup as a complete face. Batista complained about returning in Dayton, OH. Batista as "give no fucks" Dave ruled here. "Bryan's five foot nothing, 100 nothing pounds!"Fantastic recap of Bryan kicking ass to close out Raw. Hogan came out. He was excited about being in the nation's capsule, brother! Really nothing promo about the Andre battle royal.

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