Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WWE Main Event LIVE 4-8-14

Heyman was so great on the pre-show inbox. Great Raw recap focusing on Bryan starts the show. Shield and their badass masks, with Ambrose's hoodie came down to start. Ambrose was called the U.S. Champ, so that's still a thing. "The Shield took caution AND THREW IT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!" Saxton sucks. Ambrose SLAPPED THE SHEEP MASK OFF OF ROWAN and then shit was on. Rollins turned a botched crucifix into a standing Koji clutch! Things go a little better with Ambrose in there slowing things down for Rowan. HARPER AND AMBROSE! More with Ambrose and Rowan. I can't believe how good Ambrose is as a face in peril. Rollins is so small that it's a natural fit, but Ambrose's body language shows just the right amount of desperation too. Sting-esque punch/backhand punch combo from Ambrose leads to Ambrose taking a face plant during an enzuiguri setup. I love Harper staring at his arm after a bit European uppercut. Fantastic lariat from Ambrose leads to a tag to Bray. Bray came in and was all frantic, the groups brawled and they teased an Abigail finish but it was turned into a cradle for 2 and a Tiger DDT. Seth gets a tag and he runs wild! Great bit with him misdirecting Wyatt and kicking him on the apron before hitting the Dragon DDT on Rowan for 2. Superman Punch to Bray! Rev dropkick sets up the super dropkick from Ambrose, the flying knee from Rollins, and the Dirty Deeds gets the win! Post-match Shield promo features Ambrose coughing to the point where he can't do the promo - nice touch. Rollins said they attacked HHH because HHH called them faceless. "Hey Renee, do I look like I'm faceless baby!?" Roman is so great. Everything about this was fantastic. We got a great match, some excellent promo work, and they're setting up the Reigns chant and a match with HHH. Dolph faces Swagger later.

Exotic Express set up a WM slideshow. Steph doing Dreamer's pose is glorious. An outstanding highlight reel of the best of WWE over the past 25 years aired. This is a great video and all, but I'm thankful enough for WWE, I don't need to be beaten over the head with how amazing WWE is. The Swag-Dolphapowers explode! Swagger's entrance was used as a bridge for the fans-thanking video. Swagger's tron was full screen for a bit.Then the Dolph graphic aired over Zeb. Shockingly high amount of production gaffes in like a minute there. Zeb and Swagger are back to being anti-immigrant. "A class of former world heavyweight champions here!" The remedial class. Nice ankle lock counter to a sunset flip. Despite this just being a TV match, that wasn't a finish. Fameasser got 2. God, Dolph looks tiny in there with Swagger. Flapjack led to an ankle lock win for Swagger. This was okay, but really a nothing match. Rusev killing dudes is shown to hype him killing a dude next. An awesome Bryan hype vid aired for his special NEXT. Totally forgot about that. Nothing squash of Sin Cara.

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