Friday, April 18, 2014

Legends of WrestleMania - Ultimate Warrior

Confidential Classic showcases Regal's love of reptiles. He's aged a ton in a decade. Ted Sr. has aged shockingly little for a guy who's been retired for 20 years. They ran the memorial MV and Booker talked about a photo of Booker, Sharmell and Warrior having an orb over his head. And more about the orb. Lots about the orb. Sarge somehow works in how nasty Warrior was at times, while Ted talked about having a lot of differences with him, he was still glad to see him be so happy at the HOF. Then Josh segues poorly into talking about Linda inducting him, and they just played some of the doc. Show and other talking heads chatted about him. Kane talked about seeing Warrior live before his TV debut in a match against Herc. Emma thanked Warrior for inspiring her first ring gear, with tassles. Hogan talked about Hogan-Warrior with some color chart comparisons. Batista talked about Warrior loving the rope shaking bit.

Josh hyped up STING, THE ICON! Basic interview clip with him talking about them sending out press kits. Ted talked about working them in MSW when they were young. Ted talked about the fans in Japan knowing him and cheering for him and not so much cheering Warrior. Sarge and Warrior stuff was shown from the HOF - the little thing in the bag from the doc was A POTATO! Wacky Warrior promos aired. Josh compared Warrior's promo to Booker's general speech making no sense. Vince talked more about the selfie. I like that we're getting some extended documentary talking head bits here. Wow, I didn't notice that Warrior had the tattoo in '92 - I just noticed it in '96, but it's clearly there in the Ultimate Maniacs clip. Surface-level stuff got in about the split in '92 and '96. Hunter talked about talking with Warrior enough to where he considered him a friend. HHH broke down talking about his kids, and how grateful Warrior was to be able to get inducted with his kids there. A clip was shown with Warrior hugging HHH and man was he ever red. God, then they showed him hugging and kissing his kids...yargh. Sarge closed this out with a great quote. "He's the Ultimate Angel now - probably shaking the pearly gates as they've never been shook before." - go Sarge! This deal wasn't all that memorable on its own since it had so many repeat clips, but it was worth watching for that bit.

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