Thursday, April 17, 2014

Warrior Week - The Ultimate Legend Documentary

WWE's out to prove they can make great documentaries in next to no time once again.  Now they're tasked with telling a man's story that is quite complex and who they as a company have had issues with for over two decades. Warrior is shown coming back to WWE HQ on March 14. Wrestlefest clips and stuff from a Slim Jim ad were shown. Cena talked about Warrior being so eye-catching. Sting is now a talking head, and looks quite old without the makeup. Warrior is shown talking to WWE folks about The Ultimate Warrior being to him what Mickey Mouse was to Walt Disney, and they showed tons of merch ideas for him. Warrior is shown being so happy in these interviews. Sting talked about Rick Bassman and Warrior. Thank God Sting left TNA so this could be done. Zeb talked about being their manager in Memphis to help coach them, so now he's  Dutch as well. Mid-South/UWF clips of the team are shown. Boy was that mascara look something else. Dingo Warrior sounds like a stupid name, but it actually works well for chants. Warrior at WM XXX weekend talking about how things back in the days of the "WW-Letter After E". They did a rehearsal for the HOF bit at WM XXX. Cllips of the Terry Gibb debut squash were shown - the rough draft Warrior became the final draft with so many minor, but big changes. Nice bit with Warrior in a current clip being shaved - he looked better that way.

Warrior talks about veterans telling him to knock some shit off, but he'd just keep doing it and say he forgot since Vince liked it. Dolph talked about loving the HTM-Warrior squash at Summerslam. I just noticed that Warrior knocks Fink off the apron running around. Warrior said that the fans were so hyped they shook his car to the side. The origins of Hogan-Warrior, including a photo of Vince in a bright neon green workout shirt, were shown. Cesaro's talking heads in a swank suit ruled. Ambrose looks sleazy even in a talking head. Hogan's post-match selling of the agony of defeat to the blind man outside the building was amazing. These high quality photos of the event rule - they're perfect for the HD era. Warrior was as old in the WM VI match as I am Looking at his post WM-VI clips, one of the things he did to change it up was go with three colors on the paint, tights, and tassles instead of just two - it's a small thing, but it makes the look more complex. Sarge met with Warrior before the HOF showing him something from their last match. Warrior's arms look much smaller than they did in his comeback match. Warrior's red, white, and blue gear was beautiful. Warrior thanked Randy for letting the finish be with a foot on the chest. They talked about the Summerslam '91 deal. Warrior didn't know it would be his last match. Vince talked about the importance of "promoting the Ultimate Warrior brand" at that time. Warrior's WM VIII return was shown, with him looking soft and much smaller. He cut a wacky promo at a press conference in a blue hoodie. Warrior talked about being the champion again in '92. It was weird seeing him subdued at this thing.

Warrior talked about the return being hurt by the steroid testing. Vince talked about Warrior and Davey using HGH and how they didn't quite break the rules. Vince said Warrior was offended by him being opposed to this. Yes, Warrior somehow opposed VINCE BEING AGAINST STEROID USE. Warrior said that for his '96 return, Vince talked about him missing the fame. Warrior said sure, he did, but he always just did new stuff. Hall and Warrior talked about Bischoff getting pissed during the NWO era. Warrior said the key to the WCW run would have to be a good idea and a good paycheck. They added some weird translucent WCW bug to the Nitro debut. Kinda surprised Warrior would say "ultimate" in his WCW debut promo. Cesaro buried the mirror. Warrior buried the company's politics, as did Sting. Warrior said there was no Vince there to run the show. "They used Ted Turner's paycheck to pay me to lose to Hulk." summed it up nicely. Hogan said the Havoc match was one of the worst he ever had. Yup. It was quite a bit worse than his Sting match in 2011, which seems impossible. Warrior said if he knew it would be that bad, he'd have never come back.

THE SELF-DESTRUCTION OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR was talked about by Hall and Warrior, which Warrior buried it. They showed Bruce Prichard from the DVD, of course, since he's not with the company anymore. Warrior basically buried this thing for burying a money-making brand in his character. Warrior said he was asked to go into the Hall in Arizona, but he couldn't do it due to the DVD. I like that - he had his code and he didn't want to violate it. Stuff was shown from their 2007 lawsuit over the use of the Ultimate Warrior character and hurting its value. Hogan on the original DVD that he'd break his legs, and in '09, it led to a legal issue. Clips of Hogan in the '09 court deal were shown. Warrior dead-weighted Vince on a handshake then since he'd been disrespected enough by him. Warrior comes off great here - if you fuck him over, he won't blow smoke up your ass. He'll just let you know you're a prick and move on. I'm surprised to here his candid comments about the settlement. "The settlement was all shit" was uncensored here.  Warrior marked out over HHH's WM XXX crown gimmick. HHH actually has the world title in his office. HHH showed him the performance center setup so he can watch stuff whenever he wants.

Warrior showed up and said the HOF is where the broken down and disabled come. After Warrior buried Vince for his "heya buddy!" bit before, HE USED IT ON VINCE! Then he said that Vince was the only guy not aging, and it must be that wellness center. Steph was perplexed by Linda inducting Warrior, and Steph said he was their babysitter and Shane would tackle him constantly. Warrior wanted Linda to induct him because she and he were friends - Warrior would stay in their house. Warrior signed Vince's favorite book "The Little Engine that Could!" THEN WARRIOR READ THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD! Vince teared up at the idea that Warrior remembered his love of it. HHH teared up talking about Warrior being with his daughters and that the HOF with them made all the bullshit worth it. Vince was shown reading the book while talking on the headset. Warrior and Vince talked after the HOF, with Vince holding the book like Flair did a title. HHH asked Hogan to not talk to Warrior after the HOF as a personal favor to him. Hogan and Warrior talked at WM about starting over. Warrior accepted Hogan's apology. Hogan's eyes are scarily bloodshot in this talking head. Warrior was shown in a rolled-up shirt with jacked up arm veins.

Steph talked about Warrior wanting to be the Ultimate Warrior one more time on Raw. His wife and kids were shown in the crowd...this is gonna be tough. Now his younger daughter is talking about how great her dad was after Raw. Steph took the Vince/Warrior pic and Warrior said he always thought of Vince like a father. Vince cried thinking about that being the last photo of them together. Warrior walked backstage with his kids. HHH talked about it being so great to see Warrior's non-stop smile the whole week. News clips of his passing were shown. HHH found out through his assistant that Warrior died via a text from Dana. They played a piano rendition of Warrior's theme while HHH talked about Warrior viewing Vince as the father he never had. Sting said it was surreal to hear his final promo about a heart beating its final beat and that happening to him. Sting said all this great stuff happened for him and then poof, he's gone. Vince said Warrior would want everyone to celebrate Warrior. This was fantastic!

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