Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WWE Main Event 4-29-14

Adrian Neville and Superstars get a hype video. Superstars has TWO EXCLUSIVE MATCHES! Show starts off with ADR against Goldust, which thanks to the Cody loss actually has some importance. ADR took the kneepad down for the superkick...why he does this, I have no idea. Goldust countered the kneeling superkick with a dragon screw, hits a final cut suplex/neckbreaker and...wins!? Really!? This only took a couple of minutes. Renee pondered if the bros. were going their separate ways - GOLDUST SCOLDED NEE NEE! Cody's right knee is in a giant brace. Cody...exposited about Goldust winning meaning he's jealous, despite nothing to set that up. THE BROTHERHOOD WILL STAY TOGETHER. So they're breaking up right after the PPV. Video package recapped World Wish Day, and most importantly, how much WWE does for Make-A-Wish. The 3-on-1 US Title match for SD is now a fatal 4 way, with the Shield banned from ringside. Paige came out to a tepid reaction. Alicia and #demhips came down to face her. Remember when Finlay and Benoit did an inside-out lockup on PPV? Well they tried this on Main Event and we're lucky there wasn't a snapped neck. Nice rana off the apron to the floor from Paige. Paige did the knee lift stuff but while standing in the ring. Looked terrible. Paige used the 187, or whatever Konnan's head-dropped cradle DDT was, to win. Then Tamina and Paige had a ramp staredown. This had nothing. Tamina looks to be about Paige's height next to her, and she looks much older. YAY CHOIR RECAP TIME! IF BRAY WYATT ESCAPES THE CAGE, SO DOES HIS MESSAGE!...WHAT!? Sheamus cut a promo about ghosts and goblins. Oh yeah, he's facing Bray.

Kofi's out in neon green and they're talking about him being a 10-time champion. HE'S GOT SOME BAD NEWS - a match with the linear champion of the world, BAD NEWS BARRETT! He insulted Big E a lot, so E's winning. He'll retain his IC Title and WIN THE LINEAR WORLD TITLE! Kofi hits a really shitty cradle, then a shittier dropkick to the gut that Barrett sells too early. Kofi dives off the steps INTO THE BULL HAMMER. BNB WINS! This Demon Unleashed graphic is begging for a Brazzers logo. Recap of the Kane stuff from Raw didn't make it seem any less stupid. Bray sang, so Sheamus's theme interrupted. Now his theme's being a dick. The dry toast announcers talked about being JUST FEET AWAY FROM FANS WHO ARE SINGING WITH BRAY. Only they're chanting for Sheamus.Sheamus couldn't get the tilt-a-whirl, so Bray hit a uranage. Abigail was countered into White Noise, and he honestly had less trouble with Show than Wyatt with that. This match is rough around the edges, but really good. Irish curse gets 2! Sheamus gets him up for a shoulder-mount powerslam! Yet another this is awesome chant. Brogue misses, and Bray hits Abigail as a result. Awesome match! Usos save Sheamus, so there should be an SD 6-Man tag here or just a tag match.

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