Friday, April 25, 2014

WWE SD 4-25-14

Vickie starts off giving the Authority the night off. Her dress is something else. It's like a Cosby sweater in dress form. She announced the Shield vs. geeks tonight. A VERBAL DEBATE BROKE OUT between Heyman and Zeb. Heyman working in MY CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CONQUERED THE STREAK AT WRESTLEMANIA at every point ruled. I loved Zeb saying I DON'T CARE ABOUT BROCK, I CARE ABOUT THIS MAN! I like Heyman doing the Cesaro won the battle royal bit nearly as much as the Brock deal. Zeb said he's known Heyman forever and shoved the podium down. Zeb said that Heyman was jealous he had more hair on his back than Heyman has on his head. Cesaro-Swagger is up. They had a basic SD match and Cesaro won with the Neutralizer. Shield take out Swagger. Axel and Jey Uso have a match. Nice Sliding J into a sleeper from Jey. Hangman's facebuster wins.

Vickie had a wacky conversation with Hunter about Maddox being GM of Raw and taking over for her tonight. I love Brad asking what's wrong with his office when it's got the same PPV and HUNTOR DVD posters as Raw. Paige hype vid. Tamina and Nattie had a little match with a great finish - Nattie kipped up into a superkick and lost. Shield beat up 3MB - so they're continuing to take out guys who are facing them in the match later. Bray cut an okay promo in the ring with a cage around him. Bray used it as an effective prop visually. Cody and Goldust faced Harper and Rowan. Spinning clothesline took Goldust out after he was shoved into Cody knocking him off the top to the floor. The Shield interrupted Brad while he was on the phone...which was turned off... and beat him up. Well now they're just being pricks.

We were threatened with another Fandango-Santino match, but the Shield thankfully powerbombed Fandango off the stage. YAY THEY'RE BABYFACES AGAIN! Odd to waste an off the ramp spot on SD, but whatever. Kane massacre recap. The Shield faced less than half the geeks they were supposed to before. Ryback got a chinlock. ALBERTO GOT A CHINLOCK1 I like Barrett just leaving this shit and letting Alberto get taken out with the Superman punch. They destroyed Sandow and Ryback and won. This was a show with a singular focus, but wasn't all that memorable.

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