Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WM Rewind - Show-Mayweather

The filler is the Snuka-Piper deal from the Pit! Well, it's tremendously racist, but definitely enthralling. They start with HHH talking about Mayweather hitting Show, then go through the basic intro to show Ali and Monsoon getting it on verbally mid-ring. This led to a (shocking) GREAT PROMO FROM ALI. Tyson-Austin was shown with the bird unblurred.  Floyd talks about basically having a WWE act, but he happens to be a boxer. Floyd using a million dollars in cash as a foot rest is amazing. They hyped up Show by talking about Andre...yeah...They talked about Show stepping about in '07 to heal, an then coming back in '08. Shane got credit for brokering the deal. Show talked about it being Rey and Batista against Show and Mayweather. HHH talked about the walkthrough going fine...and then Floyd hitting him with six shots. "Show's just fucking plowing through guys!" - HHH rules. They had some backstage footage of Show being tended to and him being on Conan with a wacky sax version of his theme.

MYSPACE went crazy with it, and apparently Facebook and Twitter did too. They talked about Floyd and HHH clicking. HHH taught Floyd how to work. It's hard to believe this was six years ago - I still remember Mauro on the LAW talking about how awesome this was during the No Way Out hype. They talked about the weigh-in before, which Booker pointed out was incredibly stupid. Roman hyped this up and looked fly all dressed up. I completely forgot about Floyd being chucked over the top onto dudes - I'm amazed they didn't have at least 20 dudes out there to catch him. Time for the match. These intros rule. Floyd's pyro is still a favorite of mine. It's amazing that they got Floyd in an actual match during his prime. This dude in the white suit is annoying saying the same shit over and over. I completely forgot about Mayweather using chairshots to the head, which even being done by him seem a bit much. Love the knucks prop giving Floyd the KO win here - perfect finish. BOOKER T IS SHOPPING! "If ya can't stand the Harlem Heat, GET OUTTA THE KITCHEN!" Booker is so likeable. He's COOKER T around the house.

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