Friday, April 4, 2014

Legends of WrestleMania Panel Show

This starts with Flair, Foley, and JBL clips. Flair looks so unbelievably old. ANDRE VIDEO! Complete with Vince calling him the greatest attraction in sports in the '70s. Flair talked about Andre, and Foley mentioned he had a match with him. So Flair talked about having 100 matches with him. They hyped up HHH being THE GAME at WM and showed him beating Jericho. They talked about their retirement matches and JBL talked about losing to Rey, Mick talked about his last WM match, and Flair buried him for overstaying his welcome. Wow. Flair said "his last match" wasn't his choice. They showed an amazing recap of Flair-HBK and Flair broke down when they talked about his family and showed Reid. They had some footage I've never seen before with the roster hugging him backstage. Flair talked about JBL being so honored to face him in a tag match, and Flair talked about how sad he was to "leave his family" after 38 years. They buried Cole-Lawler, put over the Streak, and got in a dig at Jim Herd. This was fascinating. Steph and HHH unveiled the WM set, as faces.

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