Friday, April 11, 2014

SD 4-11-14

A nice Warrior graphic with a Cole narration aired talking about Raw being dedicated to him. Generic intro hit leading to Heyman talking out THE KING OF SWING for a match with Show. He used the Next Big Thing line for Cesaro. HEYMAN IS ON COMMENTARY! They teased an inside-out suplex to Show, leading to a SUNSET BOMB tease, which was countered by sitting on Cesaro's chest. Heyman told Cesaro to TAKE HIS AIR! A Heyman chant broke out. Cole talked about great managers, like The Grand Rizard. Heyman said that he's been scouting Cesaro for a while and it was his advice that led him to victory in the battle royal. Swagger prevented the Swing. BOO. NEUTRALIZER TO CESARO, who won via DQ. Cena ran down the week's events as the narrator for the WWE Universe. It was bizarre, but good to have him talk about the next gen guys that got going on Raw in Rusev, Paige, Adam Rose, and Bo Dallas. He said he's not the king of swing or the One - he is the standard-bearer and he is JOHN CENA! This was pretty good stuff. Harper said that time can heal all wounds, but for John, it just gives them more time to hurt him. Bray talked a bit to continue their feud and said he hopes he can one day feel pain...I bet he win at ER.

Rybaxel's facing the Matadores on the treadmill. Nice swinging neckbreaker setup led to the hangman's facebuster for the win. RVD talked with Renee, then had another nothing match with Sandow. Poor Sandow. Hulk Hogan came down to put over Bryan Danielson...which is just surreal still. In one week, he put over Claudio and Bryan - GO ROH! Then Bryan and Hogan stood in the ring together, leading to BRYAN CUTTING A HOGAN PROMO for one sentence thank God. He thanked Hogan and said he's been a Hulkamaniac for as long as he can remember. He asked that Hogan's theme be played so Hogan could play to the crowd - and then Bryan Danielson and Hulk Hogan posed to the crowd together. What a crazy week. This was a blast. Cole said it was like Muscle and Fitness meeting National Geographic. Then Hogan did the Yes bit. THIS is Hogan should always be used from now on.

Kofi came out with a new AJ circa '05 vest/hoodie combo. Barrett got the mic and cheapshotted Kofi and it led to I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEWS! Trouble in Paradise was countered by the Bull Hammer. VIVA LA BAD NEWS PUSH! Santino and Emma played wacky games while Fandango came out with Layla. Layla is quite the hot dancer. JBL compared Fandango to Randy Couture again. Nothing comedy match leads to Fandango winning via a distraction schoolboy. A Paige hype vid aired. Raw and ME clips aired to set up the main event. Kane in a wifebeater met with Orton and Batista. Not much happened until an ad break with Bryan cutting a promo with a giant mic and a crowd. Everyone just went through the motions here, although Orton busted out a body scissors sleeper at one point. Bryan and Kane brawled, leading to Evolution taking out the Usos and the Shield saving Bryan from a chokeslam through a table. Triple powerbomb to Kane - no DOUBLE TRIPLE POWWWWEERRBOOMMMBBBB tonight.

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