Monday, April 28, 2014

TNA Sacrifice 2014

I dug the EY opening video, although some of the sillier faces were just too much. Wolves-Bro-Mans has some fantastic-looking white-heavy gear. Love Ion getting chucked on the champs on the floor - crazy spot. Pretty basic little showcase for both teams, but it's good to see the right team finally holding the gold. Bro Mans definititely raised their stock with the run though. Jesse in particular has come off so great in this group, and Ion's great in his role. Jesus, Shaw looks middle-aged in this backstage promo. Anderson's black and NEON YELLOW gear is blinding. Christy (Hemme, not his mother) decided to wear a see-through shirt on a show involving her crazy stalker. On one hand, it's hot, on the other, it makes no logical sense. Anderson chucking Shaw into the boxes head-first was cringe-worthy. Christy low-blowed Shaw to give Anderson the win. Time for the wacky Willow tag. Angle's got a massive brace on his left knee. Tenay keeps talking about how different Willow is than Hardy...really now? He does the same shit, only he screams and cackles. Hardy as the Extreme Enigma was far more violent. They got the wacky drug intro live here. EC3 left Spud to get killed with a Twito, Olympic slam, and Swanton. This was a waste of everyone other than Spud, who came off great as a lawn dart. EY's wearing one of those terrible women's shirts that HBK and Flair had before. The backwards help is not helping the look. Knux and the chick talked about CRAZY STEVE AND THE FREAK! They're going to use their TNA money to PUT IT BACK INTO THE CARNIVAL TO GET IT RUNNING. Knux - wrestling carny is either the greatest gimmick ever or worse than wrestling plumbers and garbagemen.

Best of 3 series is over tonight, which is shocking given that it just started. It really should've been a best of seven series. Or built up in some way to mean anything at all. UNO GETS STREAMERS! Sanada's gear looks major league and I dig him letting the fans touch the belt. I like Tenay kind of implying that Sanada and the W1 team at Lockdown sent Sabin and Bad Influence packing. I love Sanada reviving the Terry Funk rolling cradle. Diving Steamboat chop from Sanada. A "let's go Goku" chant broke out...well that's just stupid on many levels. Tigre Uno countered a something into a something something turned into a German into the buckle. Ouch! Sweet mother of fuck, he did that goddamned neck-snapping, concussion-causing capture suplex again. TELL HIM TO KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF. Sanada won after the 450 missed and he hit a moonsault. Love Sanada. Stop reducing his career length by having him face Uno.

Storm cut a promo with JB and came out in a swank silver jacket. This series has wound up being so much better than anything these guys did as a team - it's amazing. They were good-ish partners, but fantastic rivals. Gunner's generic theme now has a chopper in it...yeah no. I love this starting with punches...and poor Gunner getting a Gunner sucks chant. Other than them using a goofy step/guardrail bit early, I like them going with more realistic-looking stuff here. And then Storm used a cookie sheet to the back. Trash can lids to the head! DUELING EVEN! Diving headbutt area close to Storm's right arm. Storm doesn't give up from this thank God. Crowd's chanting for Beer Money. DRAPING DDT OFF THE APRON TO THE STEPS ON THE FLOOR from Storm. Excellent spot there. Crowd chants one more time for the babyface to get re-killed with that. It's a real shame this crowd is so douchey. Goddamn, I think they might've used a real bottle - Storm cut him open badly immediately. Boston Crab from Storm has Gunner in the Austin visual and he's crawling through glass to escape...that's different. For some reason, the ref forced a rope break for this I QUIT match. Storm abuses the ref, takes his belt off, and beats Gunner with it. He whips him a ton against the ropes a bit like Sheamus's spot and Gunner tells him to piss off. Last Call from Storm. Crowd's chanting for more blood. Fuck these guys. Gunner says NEVER NEVER NEVER! He's doing everything right. Storm's doing everything right. If this match was in WWE with this buildup, it'd be something special. Storm rubs Gunner's blood on his chest. The mic is either falling apart, or it's covered in blood. Since the ref has no gloves, I hope it's the former. Gunner fired up by bonking his head into the buckle and beating up Storm with running shots. Mr. Intensity needs to never be said again. F5 into the glass from Gunner. They make a wacky chair/guardrail bridge that got a this is awesome chant. Well, at least they're making it seem like a bit deal now. SUPERPLEX! This looked so cool - the chairs got all fucked up, with one buckling and the other flying at the ref. Gunner did the Magnum TA chair spot with some glass, and Storm quit. This was really good, and one of the better I quit matches you'll see from the past ten years.

JB talked in a really echoey room with the BPs. Sweet Christ are Velvet's tits out of control. Velvet's added a lot more ass-bending to this act. She's got quite the ass shake going on too. They had a really long nothing match and Love won after Velvet sprayed her in the face with hairspray. Roode's out in his Highspots getup for the table match. Bully's matches are hit and miss, but I love him coutnering punches with nasty chops to the chest. They set up a table in the corner and teased a powerbomb through it. Roode did a bunch of counters and then...THE REF JUST TOOK A BUMP. I think the idea was that Roode's foot or hands would fly up and hit him, but neither happened and the ref had to be down to not see Roode go through, so he just went down. A fairly massive bullshit chant happened here. Tenay said that it was a foot to the face, and the ref got a "ref you suck!" chant. This was just match-killing. Then Bully was tossed off the top through a table by Dixie dressed as a guy. The guys tried, but the booking of this just had no prayer. She talked shit to him afterwards, so I'm leaning towards her eating a powerbomb through a table at either BFG or Slammiversary.

They had a really good EY video showing his whole history - including him in a suit. Okay, he actually cleans up really well, and looks at least a decade older now with the beard and the receding hairline. There's no reason he can't at least wear a business casual getup on TV. Really, his best overall look was the World Elite one with the shaved dark roots and smug facial expressions. Magnus came out in his black, gold, and silver gear - I like that. It's a little touch, but it shows he's supremely confident because he'll have his world title later to match the gear. EY walked over Magnus to show he's smarter, and then waved at him. Some of this works, some of it doesn't. Nice snap headlock takedowns by EY. Magnus walks away from a suicide dive, so EY hits a plancha instead. Well Magnus was just stupid there. Magnus takes him out on the floor. Northern lights gets 2 for EY, while Magnus hits Ted Jr's rebound lariat for 2. Belly to belly hits, but EY misses a moonsault. Wheelbarrow neckbreaker leads to the flying elbow for 2. EY locked in the worst sharpshooter in ages - using an awkward setup with the left leg, then using the right arm for the hold itself. Magnus tried to kill EY with a crowbar, but the ref stopped it. EY's piledriver got 2! A second one hits along with the elbow for the win. EY should really hold onto this until at least Slammiversary to make this seem like a significant event and not a title-killer like the Sabin win.

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