Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Journey to WrestleMania - Daniel Bryan

Cesaro starting off the Danielson special surreal. This thing already makes WM XXX seem epic with the filmic look. It's great to see this without any bugs except for the TV14 one in the corner. They showed a ton of TWA clips. Jesus Christ was he ever good in the TWA. They showed some ROH, lots in fact. Seth put over ROH and they showed clips of Bryan-Seth and Bryan-Claudio. They showed Bryan and Seth just shooting the shit in DC - Bryan bought a new house! Some NXT clips were shown. They showed Miz being a dick to Bryan RIGHT BEFORE WM saying that he's not a star. LOL. They showed clips of his Jericho match and his firing due to the tie choking. God, Bryan looks like he's a decade older since just 2010. I'll attribute 90% of that to the giant beard. This has the authentic feel of the Punk one, but they had to get it done in a matter of days. It's incredible. They showed some press conference clips and a bit with Bryan saying he'd have his first WM match with Sheamus...which was then bumped to the pre-show. Sheamus came off great here being pissed, and using that as fuel.

They showed the origins of the yes deal with the WHC reign. Then the 18 second deal was covered. Brie talked about that match making him, which is quite true. Cena talked about not being able to fight the "biggest superstar in WWE - the Universe" and they wanted Bryan. They showed footage of the post-WM dark match, and cell phone footage of the promo from Bryan. More WM XXX press conference clips. They showed him talking about and dealing with "being a superstar" stuff. They showed the MSU YES bit and the local Fairfax high school doing it too. Some nice workout footage aired and they covered the Occupy Raw deal. This...was hurt a bit by them having to kayfabe it. Bryan chalked it up as a representation of the fans taking over the show verbally, like they'd done at the Seattle Raw. Rey getting booed at the Rumble got a fair amount of coverage. Seth talked about Bryan being his friend, while a shot of Bryan's face being all intense in close-up ruled.

Bryan and Brie talked about their relationship, and how bad an idea it was to plan their wedding after WM since they had to plan stuff during the WM build. Bryan, the hard working everyman, has zero tolerance for wedding bullshit. Bryan's mother and SAMI ZAYN were together. The fans using YES YES YES against Warrior was fantastic. Bryan meeting with his mother and sister at the hotel before he travels to WM got some airtime. Pat said he'd cry whether or not Bryan won or lost. The positioning for historical context of everything in this documentary is just mind-blowing given that "history" was JUST TWO DAYS AGO. Bryan-HHH is up, followed by the main event intros, the main dramatic points, and the win! Bryan got a standing ovation backstage. Austin put the win over big since he's not a super big guy. I demand that Ryback call himself the Super Big Guy now. Holy crap this ruled, and ROH got a nice plug in the credits.

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