Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Upgrade Plans

This blog has done shockingly well - with my G1 Climax writeup getting around the same readership as a Raw recap and the TNA/Spike issues piece getting about SIX TIMES the normal traffic. It feels like things are starting to move forward - and I can see the Paypal button works now. So I want to do more with the blog and I've got some ideas. The first, and easiest to implement is going to be posting my favorite game matches to it - but that's not all. I'm going to make a post explaining the origins of the match, the goals of it, and I got what I wanted out of that match. It's something I tend to do a bit in video descriptions anyway, and this will just expand upon that idea. I'll start later today with some Ambrose-Brock matches, and then go backwards with some AJ-Tanahashi stuff in both FPR and WWE 2K14.

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