Friday, August 8, 2014

NXT Catch-Up - 7-10-14

Bayley-Summer starts and it's nothing special. Summer hit a reverse Pedigree that looked awful for 2. Summer locks on a gulliotine choke, but turns it into a hairpull and headslam. Well, that just seems stupid. Bayley charges her into and lands some shoulders. Summer hits a spin kick to the belly and lands on her ass for 2. Flying back elbow off the second rope from Bayley gets 2. Summer hits the Hog Log called the Summer Crush for the win. Neville and Zayn cut a promo on Gabriel and Kidd, who said THEY AREN'T LOSERS! Gabriel says he started on NXT and now he's back - but thankfully dressed more like Tanahashi than a '60s spaceman. That match is tonight's main event. Sin Cara's out in some sweet purple gear against Wesley Blake, who trained with Dory Funk - so Junior is STILL banned on NXT. Sin Cara hits a wacky spinning version of the SOS cradle for 1. Handspring elbow off the rope sets up the Mistico kick and the swanton for the win. Tyson tells Nattie that the interview from Renee was AN AMBUSH - all he was doing was stating facts. Sasha and Summer argued at a mirror backstage. CJ's out to talk to Woods, who comes out in a fantastic dark shiny blue suit. CJ pokes him in the eye during a peace sign exchange. A fantastic Vaude Villains video aired - THEY WILL BE CHAMPS, BWAHAHA!

An Ascension video aired, and then BULL DEMPSEY came out and squashed a guy. Moves were done. Corner avalanche sets up the Bull Dozer for the win. Sami Zayn interviewed Neville about how they're going to show their opponents exactly what they're made of. Renee's floral sports coat is something else. Faces are out first followed by the heels, and Neville and Kidd start off with some fast-paced exchanges. Tags are made and Sami and Gabriel come in before Zayn tags out and Gabriel hits a corkscrew splash OFF OF ZAYN'S BACK for 2. Heels toss Zayn out to set up a break. They come back and do a running version of the seated front/back kick the heel BFFs did last week. More fast exchanges lead to Kidd knocking Neville off during a Red Arrow setup. Zayn low-bridges Gabriel to the floor. Zayn gets a blind tag crossbody for 2.9 on Kidd! Everyone but Zayn brawls on the floor, but Zayn flip dives the pile! In a wonderful bit, Nattie gets accidentally bumped by Zayn knocking Kidd into Nattie, and then he feigns concern to win via cradle. Fantastic! The show wasn't doing much for me until that main event though.

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