Friday, August 22, 2014

WWE SmackDown 8-22-14

Orton starts the show while Cole introduces Tom Phillips as the NEW LEAD PLAY BY PLAY MAN. So what's Cole's job then? Orton cut a nothing promo about DESERVING RESPECT! Orton's got to nix the grey from the beard. Seth's out to face Swagger, after some recap videos. Seth drops some knees to the ribs and hits a nice running corner forearm. I like JBL saying that Swagger could only do the Swagger bomb due to adrenaline. Love the flying knee into the ankle lock spot. Swagger gets taken out on the floor for a near count-out, and then curb stomped for a countout loss. WHAT. A FUCKING. JOBBER. Bo cut a promo on him to continue their mid-card treadmill deal. Bella-Steph recap.

Miz told someone to get his pumpkin spice mocha latte back in season before talking to Mr. Kane, who made Miz-Roman since Miz wants sequel matches. Rusev's out to kill Sin Cara, who is in some just ungodly-bad attire. He killed him before Henry came down to talk smack. Rusev left due to the bad leg. Orton attacked RVD, hopefully for being a bad promo. They had a shockingly good match given how poor RVD usually looks. RVD had some fine-looking offense, but was mainly here to eat a bunch of Orton moves on the floor. Hey, if he can still take them, might as well use him for a main eventer. They went to a double count out due to all the ass-kicking. Orton doing the RVD thumbs in a chair was hilarious. The RKO on the chair looked nasty, and this was quite effective.

Roman cut a generic promo with "baby girl" Renee. Nattie faced Paige WHILE THE GERMAN ANNOUNCERS FIST BUMPED! Nattie hit a nice baseball slide to the floor, leading to a Paige superkick. Paige locked her in a GIF-worthy bodyscissors before AJ came out. Paige avoided a distraction schoolgirl finish, and a distraction count out, but got locked in a sharpshooter and tapped right in front of her belt and AJ. Dust Bros face the Wyatts next. Loved Stardust doing a courtsey after flipping out of a backdrop. JBL called Tom a nerd, leading to Cole saying Tom would go to a planetarium to pick up chicks when he was younger. They went out birthday wishes to Lilian, the Usos, and STEVIE RAY! Goldust gets a cradle win over Harper. This was good, but hard to focus on due to the commentary. Wyatts crushed them afterwards.

They hyped up the German commentators again, who have more charisma than WWE's homegrown goobers. WWE Title ceremony and the HHH announcement were recapped. Roman's out to kill Miz. Orton came out and distracted Roman, allowing Miz to briefly get a lead. Big spear ends it quickly and an Orton-Roman brawl ends the show. Roman won the war here with a Superman punch. Okay show, but nothing too amazing.

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