Friday, August 8, 2014

NXT Catch-Up - 7-3-14

I haven't check out NXT since RVD-Neville, so let's play catch-up! Cass and Amore start the show after the intro. I love the crowd reciting Amore's catchphrases along with him, although it says something when THE CROWD KNOWS THE PROMO BEFORE IT HAPPENS. Their theme is awesome. Louis and LeFort are fantastic together. Mainly LeFort. It's a shame LeFort's tron isn't available as a wallpaper - it's hilarious. Cass takes out LeFort in no time flat with the East River Crossing and the Empire Elbow. Breeze and his giant fur coat and fur phone cover cut a good promo on Neville, who responded with a terrible promo. Zayn-Gabriel is the main event, and should be pretty good. Sasha and Charlotte team up next. A BULL DEMPSEY video airs in black and white. Bull just looks like a latter-day AWA jobber, and isn't anywhere near as good as they were.

Charlotte and Sasha have matching gear. Bayley and Becky Lynch are teaming here, and the WAVY TUBE MEN HAVE NAMES! Becky isn't dancing or basically being an Irish stereotype. Bayley has her own BFF - A BAYLEY FRIEND FOREVER! Regal doing an Irish impression is amazing! Nice Rocker Dropper backflip into an armdrag. Regal puts Becky over as the youngest woman to tour Japan, against Natalya. Double suplex to Charlotte. They come back from a break with Charlotte kneeing Bayley before she can attack Sasha. Nice Eliminators-style double front/back kicks from the BFFs. A fan holds up a Worse Than Cena sign and an excellent handstand kneedrop from Charlotte to Bayley gets 2. Heels get a double back elbow for 2 and they've got fantastic chemistry together as tag partners. Heels get bonked and she gets the tag! 1-2-3 legdrops from Becky get 2. Charlotte hits a wonky looking dropkick to the knee and the facebuster for the win. Bayley attacks Sasha after the match, which one of the generic commentators points out is rather mean. Justin Gabriel and his wavy purple hair talk and Kidd says Gabriel's stuck in purgatory now, and HE HAS A WAY OUT!

Sasha was upset with Charlotte for not saving her, and then Charlotte just said they would be friends who say hi, but not team anymore. Charlotte was pretty heelish here. CJ Parker comes out and gets buried by Regal for having enough grease on his gear to make a pan of donuts. GO AWAY HIPPIE! He's facing Steve Cutler - a ripped guy with a big smile and bigger chin. Parker gets a heel kick and the win. He cuts a nothing promo afterwards. Kidd talks to Renee and says he skipped Fallout because he just didn't feel right, and he didn't mean to blow her off on the ramp before. Renee points out that Nattie cost him the title in theory, but Kidd's happy because it allowed him to keep attacking. He was glad she prevented him from using the chair - IT WAS AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE. Him leaving Sami wasn't personal - his head and heart weren't in it. The NATTIE'S HUSBAND chant was brought up - he said he deals in fact and he in fact her husband. Renee brings up marital issues and Tyson leaves. Gabriel-Zayn is next and Summer-Bayley is next week.

Gabriel and Kidd came out - Gabriel's gear is simply fantastic. It's some of the best in the company right now. Gabriel and Zayn are exchanging some nice fast-paced offense here. One generic commentator talks about Gabriel scouting Neville ON THE WWE NETWORK. So that's why he lost - there's next to no NXT on the Network. They screw up some cradle, but Sami and Gabriel seamlessly go into an armbar. Regal talks about wrestling Justin's father and knowing his trainer very well. Nice jumping back kick from Gabriel gets 2! Gabriel hits a suplex and transitions into a butterfly lock. Inverted crippler crossface from Gabriel on the mat here from Gabriel - he's really showing off how good he is on the mat here. Low sweeping kick sends Zayn face-first for 2! Zayn gets a blue thunder bomb for 2! EXPLODER INTO THE BUCKLE FROM ZAYN FOR 2! Zayn misses the Helluva kick, so Gabriel hits an RVD-style back kick off the second rope for 2. Gabriel hits the Okada/Steen over the knee neckbreaker thing and gets a 2.9. Springboard moonsault gets 2! Sideslam from Gabriel should set up the 450. Gabriel nearly gets superplexed, but flies out of it and right into a flatliner>Koji Clutch for the win! Zayn and Gabriel both looked fantastic here. Kidd and Gabriel attack Zayn afterwards until Neville saves him.

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