Friday, August 15, 2014

WWE SD 8-15-14

Ambrose-Cesaro starts things off. Cesaro's got a white towel with "Cesaro" on it. Ambrose gets a knee to the gut, while Cesaro fires off a shortarm lariat and goes for a fallaway slam into a suplex, but Dean escapes. Plancha leads to THE SHOULDER GETTING HURT and a big suplex on the floor from Cesaro. I love Cesaro's little jig before he punches Dean in the corner. SUICIDE DIVE FROM AMBROSE! JBL absolutely buried Diego by implying that he's way far beneath Seth, who joined the Authority. Tornado DDT from Dean gets 2. Cesaro ducks the rebound lariat and hits a lariat of his own for 2! A second tornado DDT gets countered into the VE Uppercut. Cesaro got 2 and hit a burning hammer for another 2 count. Ambrose gets the rebound lariat for 2! Cesaro goes behind, but eats Dirty Deeds for the win! This was short-ish, but really fun. Seth cuts a promo on Dean saying he was never Dean's brother and he'll see him Sunday. Henry faces Harper for whatever reason.

Miz and his new all-red suit, ascot, AND SCARF! Miz cut Roman off constantly, and he got punched out after mentioning starring in CHRISTMAS BOUNTY! Glorious punch from Roman there. Miz met with Mr. Kane, and asked that he BAN ROMAN REIGNS FROM MIZ TV! Kane said he wouldn't do that, but he'd give Miz more airtime against Roman Reigns tonight - ciao! Dolph faced Titus, beat him, and they brought up Heath could beat Dolph, but Titus couldn't. Okay match. Harper faced Henry in an okay match that just served as a segue into Henry/Show vs. Wyatt Family. Harper and Show are really fantastic in there. Harper looks big enough to be credible with Show, but he's fast enough to work well with him. KO Punch into the WSS for the win! Surprising finish there since there's nothing involving these teams on even the pre-show for the PPV.

AJ faced Eva Marie. JBL said WE RHYME ON MONDAY NIGHT after they talked about Paige's bit. AJ ripped out Eva's extensions and Paige came down for a brawl.  Eva won via countout, so the brawl wasn't a DQ for some reason. Swagger beat Bo and the guys waved flags for a bit. Miz faces Roman and actually put him in the figure four. Reigns escaped, got a corner clothesline, hit the basement dropkick, and Miz tried to escape but Dolph came out. SUPERMAN PUNCH, spear, and a win.

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