Thursday, August 28, 2014

WWE NXT 8-28-14

The Ascension starts off the show literally looking like Emo CAW 1 and 2. Riley says THEY'RE THE MOST DOMINANT TEAM IN NXT AND WWE HISTORY! THEY COULD BE BETTER THAN THE SHIELD! They double shoulder block a jobber and a generic commentator pimps WWE Super Cards. Jobber 1 gets tossed into Jobber 2, which counts as a tag. Poor Jobber 2. Fall of Man takes him out. One of them cuts a generic promo afterwards, and then the other one brags about TOTAL ANI-YAAAAAAA-LATION! WWEEEEEE WILLL RRIIISSEEE sure as shit ain't "WHAT A RUSH!". NXT GM reveal is next, with a title announcement.

Regal's theme hits, so he's the new HEAD OF THE NXT BRAND as Tensai calls him. This is both good and bad, since he's by far the best commentator in the company. Luckily, he's also a good promo, and if he can make Big Zeke seem like a huge deal, then he should be able to do the same for the NXT roster. A huge Regal chant breaks out and he puts over being at NXT since the beginning of the Full Sail run. He brings Neville out to announce his opponent at Takeover 2. He asks WHO'S NEXT, leading to a Goldberg chant! Kidd comes out and gets a no chant, while Tyler gets a mild reaction. Zayn came out in a Rancid shirt, and Neville said he'd take them all on in a fatal 4 way. An elimination match would be better, but this should still be pretty good. I liked the champion being in a suit here.

Generic Cute Brunette Chick talked to Regal about the title match. Sasha's out to face IT'S BAYLEY! Fuck Riley for saying "you can't teach...". Fuck Enzo too, and he isn't even on the show yet. Riley put over Sasha being on an MSG show and impressing people. Sasha gets a straightjacket choke and yells that Bayley will NEVER BE CHAMPION! They said the name of this generic commentator and I can't even remember it seconds later - it's not Tom Phillips though. Belly to Bayley wins! She delivered it almost like a Rock Bottom and didn't drop to her knees for it - it looked excellent as a result. Bayley compares herself to the little kitty hang in there poster. Charlotte comes out to take umbrage to Bayley saying that she can beat her. The fans woo and Charlotte does too, then tells them to shut up. Charlotte said she'd knock a cat out of a tree and gets upset at the crowd for doing the hug chant. This was really good. Faces in the NXT Title 4 way face the heels in tonight's main event.

BULL BULL BULL! Tensai talks about Bull assaulting Santa when he was 8 for being mistaken for an adult. Angelo Dawkins is his opponent. Bull sits down on a sunset flip to get 2 on Dawkins.He lands a knee and some grounded kicks. Angelo gets a flip, flip, and fly, but flies into a Bull Dozer for a win. LeFort and Louis accepted the challenge of Enzo and Cass and were wacky. Heels came out first, followed by Sami and his wacky jig and Neville. The NXT titles have the Network logo, and they didn't change the NXT Title's design, which is just ungodly bad. First notable move is Zayn hitting a front slam to set up a corkscrew splash off of his back from Neville. Well, that was silly, but amusing. Kidd counters Neville's apron high kick with a Sin Cara kick. A Kidd thrust kick to the gut sets up an ad break. Neville's the face in peril against Breeze now. Sami comes in and runs wild on Kidd and Breeze. FLYING CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP TO BOTH GUYS! Michinoku driver gets 2. Swinging fisherman suplex gets 2 for Kidd. Breeze tags in and eats a buckle exploder. Neville tags in and gets a springboard dropkick to Breeze. Kick kick sends Breeze down, but Breeze crotches him. SAMI HITS THE KICK ON NEVILLE ACCIDENTALLY! Kidd tags in and pins Neville! And he did so without any cheating whatsoever! Zayn kicks Kidd! Zayn stared at the gold, grabbed it, and just stared at it. This was a powerful ending to the show for Sami's character.

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