Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cena-Brock - Prelude to the Biggest Fight of the Summer

"MY NAME IS BROCK LESNAR AND I'M THE BADDEST MAN ON THIS PLANET!" was a good start.  "In 2002, 2 men entered this ring. ONE MAN. ONE BEAST!" Heyman reading through this like a storybook was amazing. "Just as quickly as the beat arrived, he left. IN HIS PLACE, A NEW CHAMPION ROSE!" They recapped Extreme Rules with a fantastic mix of clips of photos. Brock says he doesn't know what happened at Extreme Rules because HE WAS HIT WITH A FUCKING CHAIN, and he wasn't 100% due to diverticulitis. Heyman put that over as something that nearly killed Brock. BROCK IS 100% NOW - HE'S 1,000%! After that match, Heyman says Brock broke HHH's arms, broke HBK's arm, took out Henry, took out Show, AND CONQUERED THE STREAK! "A person lives their life and does good to get into the pearly gates!" Heyman said the WM 30 strategy was to DRIVE UNDERTAKER INTO THE MAT and he did. Heyman said that Cena claimed 40 men held the WWE Title, BUT ONLY ONE MAN CONQUERED THE STREAK. Similarly, "40 men have been president, BUT IMAGINE BEING ELECTED GOD! THERE'S ONLY ONE BEING THAT'S HELD THAT POSITION BEFORE! BROCK CAN SAY THAT HE DIDN'T JUST RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND WIN, HE TOOK DOWN GOD AT WRESTLEMANIA AND ASCENDED THAT THRONE!" God bless Heyman.

Cena's recap of MITB as "IT WAS GREAT TO STICK IT TO THE AUTHORITY" is the weak point so far since that story point really made no sense. A guy asks Brock who is Brock - "I'M AN ASS-KICKING SON OF A BITCH AND I COULD GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT WHO I PISS OFF THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE DAY!" "Other people have feelings - I DON'T HAVE FEELINGS! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE GUY HOLDING THE STICK! I REALLY DON'T!" Brock loves hurting people and becoming champion! "They put Brock in the Octagon, and HE DIDN'T JUST BEAT THE GREATEST HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF ALL-TIME, HE CONQUERED RANDY COUTURE!" Brock asks "Who has John Cena ever beat that I should care about? I had the balls to leave this company and make a name for myself!" Cena says Brock left because he was tired of people and travel. Well, that's a great point that they should have made ON THE PROGRAMS SEEN BY MILLIONS and not by a fraction of that on the Network. I love that he puts over that it's true, and that Brock is the greatest athlete he's ever seen. The "he came back to fight every so often" clip aired after that. Brock said being champion is all he wants, and it's gonna be ugly. Cena says the BIG BULLY IS GONNA PICK ON ME! Heyman said Cena can take a beating from any man - great - HE'S GONNA BE IN THE RING WITH A BEAST! Heyman says it'll be Cena's last match, while John wants to be the one who beats the one. Brock's blood, urine, and vomit line ends things - but with the tag that he means Cena's. Well, this thing ruled.

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