Thursday, August 21, 2014

WWE NXT 8-21-14

One benefit to the Impact timeslot change is that I can now cover NXT live. The pre-show thing is a Highlight Reel with Jericho and Goldberg - it's amazing how much cleaner the footage looks on the Xbox One than the PS4. Big Cass and Enzo come out and he does his sing along promo with the fans. They're facing the VAUDEVILLAINS! Aiden eats some crappy knees to the gut from Cass, and a nice big boot sends him down. Cass tossing Enzo into the poetry in motion bit is just terrifying. That's a Wrap takes out Enzo! Vaudevillains move on in the contender's tourney! LeFort and Louis attack and LeFort shaves Enzo's beard! I like the graphics here - they've got losing team names greyed out. It's a little touch, but it's nice. HHH is out next.

HHH, the COOO as Riley puts him, is out for a big announcement. HHH should really do a match on one of these NXT specials - he's crazy-over, and they could get a developmental guy over instantly on the main roster (which is the whole point of this program) as a main eventer. On 9/11, it will be Takeover 2. NXT gets a new GM next week. Last week's deal with Tyson costing Breeze his title shot was recapped. Breeze is pissed at Tyson, who he's facing tonight. Tyson has a fantastically douchey entrance vest  They don't really have time to do much as Breeze just leaves. Tyson puts on Tyler's vest to add some insult to injury. Well, this was a bit silly. Shield doc ad airs - I need to watch that later.

Tyler does an interview and just avoids the question as to why he left the match. Charlotte's out with a top that really accentuates her breasts. Becky Lynch is out as a headbanging Irish babe - which is sure better than the Irish stereotype. A loud Becky chant breaks out after the figure 4 headlock. Becky nails a nice European uppercut. Becky gets the 1-2-3 Kid speedy legdrops. Renee tried to get some wacky hashtags over for this Becky-Charlotte rivalry. Charlotte hits her facebuster for the win.

Enzo cut an angry promo on LeFort that was SO SERIOUS that he made sure to rhyme, and he wants LeFort at Takeover 2 in a hair vs. hair match. Mojo and Bull's loss last week is covered. Mojo's out and he's pissed. After hearing Enzo talk about LeFort's hairline, it's hard to not notice Mojo's. Steve Cutler is such a perfect jobber name - great goofy smile on him though. Not so sure about the giant forearm tattoo though - but it does help him stand out. Mojo wins a nothing squash. Mojo cut a nice, intimidating promo on Bull. Loved Renee referencing him losing his smile. Rose and Zayn face Sin Cara and Kalisto next in the main event.

Kalisto and Sin Cara have a fantastic look. Byron says THEY COULD BE THE NEXT BIG CONTENDERS FOR THE ASCENSION. They got MURDERED the last time. Sami has new gear that's much easier to make in a game than his last flag-heavy getup. Rose comes out and Renee hates "that damn bunny!" Kalisto does an awesome hand-walk into a headscissors takeover for 2! Rose gets 2 off a spinebuster with a humpy cover. Kalisto hits the Del Sol leading to a swanton for the win. Well, I'd have gone with Zayn and Rose to win since Sami could teach the Ascension some things, but whatever. 


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