Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Night's Main Event Episode 29 - 4-27-91

The show starts off with Savage and Vince running the card down - including a 20 man battle royal, the Nasty Boys-Bushwackers, Warrior-Slaughter. Savage is a heel here, which seems so odd since he's always been a face when I heard him on commentary after this - I haven't seen a ton of '91 though. Slaughter's wacky faces are hilarious. Gene acting all subdued next to Warrior just seems odd. WARRIOR LIVED IN DARKNESS! And he's got an earring, which I never noticed until now. Warrior's got a crazy amount of hairspray keeping his hair in place here. Vince and Savage bring up this match being a rematch from the Rumble. Warrior slams Slaughter off the top and hits a crazy-loose punch to the gut that causes Sarge to leap high in the air and do a belly flop. Warrior's airbrushed tights couldn't be more early '90s. I remember having an airbrushed Batman Returns shirt a year after this and loving it to no end. Sheiky attacks on the floor. Even in '91, he can barely move. Slaughter gets a bearhug. This goes on for seemingly ages until a bit of a brawl on the floor that leads to a break. I like Savage taking credit for Warrior being so defensive here - he took too much out of him at WM. Undertaker's in the casket, which explains why this is the opener. Warrior's got his own face over his crotch on his gear. Everyone beats up Warrior, leading to a DQ. Hogan comes out and of course evens the 4-on-2 odds. Warrior and Taker go at it and Vince is just ASTONISHED that Taker isn't responding to anything.

Nasty Boys insult the Bushwackers for being disgusting. Bushwackers respond by licking Piper and pulling up the kilt - ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE! The Nasty Boys logo is really fantastic even today - and it works perfectly for a pre-match graphic too. A heel kick to the back on the apron gets a WHATTAMANEUVER from Vince. A WHIP TO THE BUCKLE gets one too. Knobbs scoops the legs and Sags gives him leverage by shoving his boot up his ass for the win. Faces get the battering ram anyway. Taker and Bearer talk about it being a cold, cruel world and Taker won't rest until Warriors rests in peace. Well, that's uncomfortable now. It's a bunch of geeks, Perfect, Bossman, and Hogan. TUGBOAT HEAVES THE HULKSTER OUT. It's Perfect and Barbarian of Heenan's family against Valentine. Barb's out, and Perfect saves himself by using leverage for an over the top slam. Main event is Ted vs. Bret. Sherri's cleavage is something else. They get a nice upskirt of Sheri on the intro. Bret is the face in peril throughout all of this, but Bret comes back with some punches, an inverted atomic drop and running clothesline. Second rope elbow gets 2, but he gets distracted by Sherri. Piper's had enough and Bret and Ted brawl to a double count out. Mountie faces Santana in the final match of the show. Mountie does the half-nelson buckle smashes, which I like. Jimmy distracts the ref while Mountie gets the shock stick and puts it TO THE NECK and wins. Slaughter and Hogan cut more promos on each other. THE HULKSTER OF THE '90S has a secret weapon. And  really bloated face.

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