Friday, October 3, 2014

FWE ReFueled Night 1 - iPPV

I don't remember a damn thing from the SD spoilers, and this seems to have a kinda fun card with Carlito, and THE YOUNG BUCKS VERSUS BAD INFLUENCE! It starts with a pretty exciting video package showing stars doing moves and TOMMY DREAMER DANCING! Gertner cuts a PORTRAIT MODE PROMO! Gertner looks the same as he did in the late '90s - so he's aided by always looking 45. He's talking. And talking. Tons of words. Holy Raw. After several centuries, it ended. The She-Wolf cut a promo on Veda Scott in a park. Sonjay Dutt cut a promo on Chris Sabin and insulted Detroit. Ivie cut a promo on Maria in her room in front of a doorway. Good promo, bad location. I can actually watch this on the X1 by viewing the video on my PC, then going into my History on the X1! EY and Robbie did a phone skit with Colt Cabana where he called "Colt", and Robbie yelled at the person on the line - his mother! Drew Galloway talks about wearing shades indoors, and how that must mean he's a bad guy - but he hates it, so let's move along. He talked about facing Carlito tonight and facing Tommy Dreamer tonight, and being thankful that Tommy made things so easy for him when he first came to America. He asked why Tommy's still wrestling - but he knows he does it because he loves wrestling.

YOUNG BUCKS PROMO. Matt mentions doing a chairshot in the post-Benoit era. Wow. The audio levels for the start are horrible, with the music being way too loud, the commentary being too quiet, and the live mic being too quiet as well. The recent Observer bit about TNA allowing guys to do iPPV stuff is true - EY and Robbie E are on the iPPV live on Youtube. Colt's out, followed by EY. Robbie E ends the intros and gets a huge SHUT THE FUCK UP chant to start his promo. Robbie tries to start shit between them - and Colt admits to sleeping with EY's mother! EY's pissed, they threaten punches, AND HUG! EY GETS DOUBLE HIPTOSSED! Cross cross leads to a long STOPPPPP spot from Colt and a double gutbuster to a flying E. Another criss cross sends EY to the floor via the Flair bump. EY comes in and hits the flying forearm to Robbie. Noogie and a headbutt give Colt an edge, and Robbie's attempt to roll is met by Colt landing on his feet and belly flopping for 2 - getting a GODDAMMIT from Robbie. EY piledrives Robbie for the win. Fun match.

Alex Reynolds is facing Orange Cassidy, who looks like a bootleg Sandman. I can only describe his theme as a Z-level, sub-TNA version of the Wolfpac theme. Reynolds should probably not be in just trunks - a singlet would help his belly out. Cassidy is basically playing a dead body, or someone who gets the lead through pure accident. It's unique. Orange deadweights a suplex into a small package and eats a lariat like a champ. Dude bumps really well. Reynolds goes up for a moonsault, BUT CASSIDY ROLLS TO THE OTHER SIDE! Ha! And he does it again. I dig this. HE COMES ALIVE AND GETS A RANA, AND A LONG WHEELBARROW FLYING HEADSCISSORS WITH A THUMBS UP! I've so got to make this guy in FPR. Springboard moonsault to the floor! FLYING DDT OFF THE TOP GETS 2! Cassidy grabs OJ - stop this man! HE'S JUICING MID-RING! I missed the finish, but it's called Reynolds Wrap and gets the win. He cuts a bitter promo. WELL WELL WELL! HOLY GOD THE AUDIO LEVELS ON THE MICS. Gertner damn near blew up my speakers. Gertner talks and talks and talks and talks and talks. Joel says he was given 3 minutes. Well (well, well), he went over that. Gertner says Alex is the one in one and EVERYONE. Oh God, Paul's amazing promo is even more of a running joke. Joel's bringing out Little Guido to face Alex Reynolds tomorrow.

"The Firebird" Jorge Santi is out to face Damien Darling. Beyond the Sunny deal, I have never heard of this guy, but his gear looks solid. Now he's cutting a promo about POLITICS! I was digging this act until he started saying words. He's going for an RVD at Barely Legal '97 I'M SHOOTING, BRO bit, but it's not working here. A security guy was apparently a former FWE Champion. He cuts a promo on Matt Taven, who's with his wife and new baby. Well, I guess we'll get that at some point in the future. Darling hilariously says he gets better-looking girls than him. Santi and Darling get into a chop battle. One of the commentators apologizes for showing Taven on-camera and I guess violating a 90 day non-compete with ROH. Santi punches away and does...something wrong with a baseball slide feint by landing on his ass and Darling attacks the knee. Darling gets a figure four, but it's countered. Santi gets a sky high for 2. Nice spot where Darling ducks for a backdrop, but eats a double stomp/mule kick to the back! Clip from Darling leads to an Oklahoma roll for 2. It takes Santi a while to lock on a bad half-crab. Some guy named Tibbs pulled the ref out as Damien tapped. That's not a DQ though - instead, he takes off a shirt I guess revealing an alliance with Darling, and a distraction schoolboy wins. Ugh. THIS ALL NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED. I have no idea who these guys are, and many are in the same boat, so EXPLAIN THINGS. Taven jumps the rail and makes a save. Taven wants a holla holla 6-man tag tomorrow night. Okay playa.

Johnny Gargano's out to face Chuck Taylor, who demands a more elaborate intro. They do some moves, then comedy with the commentators. Bad move, as they fucked up the equipment a bit. Love Gargano whipping Chucky T's ass and copying his 'THIS IS FOR YOU, COLT!" bit. Gargano does a finger breaking spot, and Colt is...I think responding, but he can't be heard. Chuck comes back with chops. Of course chops. Goes for a punch trifecta, but eats a boot, and lands a standing uranage. Chuck gets a boot, eats one, gets a knee and hits a Falcon Arrow for 2. They do some stuff and Gargano wins after blocking a Chucky T la magistral. Colt's in and his theme is several levels louder than anything.

They're going with some wacky banter to hopefully fix the audio and stall a bit. They awkwardly cut to the crowd, a shaky cam, and then a video package. Audio's working again and Colt says if the audio didn't work before, it's a shame - he cut the GREATEST PROMO EVER about Punk, Vince, Russo, and Turner. They cut to a off-kilter angle of a fan in a chair. El Bandito Jr's out to face a man from JUNE 2025 - Sam Shields. He's got some black Jodi TNG glasses and a $5 Road Warrior shoulder pad. Wes Draven's out - so it's a 3 way. Nope - 4-way with Chris Sabin. A Fuck TNA chant breaks out. The hard camera has a warmer look to it than the other cameras, and it's jarring. It's a tag 4-way, well, this should make things less crazy. Wes and Bandito did some flips and Bandito tags in Shields. Wes pops up with an arm drag, so Shields hits a RUNNING RANA! Pale Sabin comes in, stomps around and gets an arm drag. Bandito blind tags Sabin out. Wes does the same to him and dives onto Shields. A weird buzzing makes the audio even worse. Colt asks for live Tweets to figure out when things are good audio-wise, well, that's true. Colt talks about doing commentary at the performance center and Vince not liking it. Shields is back and hits a forearm to Bandito. Sabin tags in and gets a sunset flip with Shields doing a German to Bandito. German to Bandito gets 2. Goldust final cut on the ropes gets 2 for Sabin. Trouble in Paradise from Bandito hits, so Wes comes in and counters a powerbomb for 2. Sabin dives on the pile. Combo T-Bone and Samoan drop by Shields! Sabin's in and hits a delayed Hail Sabin for the win. This had some good parts, but was sloppy and killed by the technical problems.

Nese and Jigsaw are out talking. Adrenaline Express are out as champs. One of them has giant wacky pink glasses and a Kelly Kapowski shirt on! Nese and Jigsaw want a title shot right now, and since this is meant to hype up tomorrow's PPV, maybe they'll do a change here. The FWE tag team titles look nice. Jigsaw gets 2 off a cradle, and Colt says Vince will call Jordan for his "solving the puzzle" bit - Vince Russo that is. Heels dominate in the corner.Double stomp to Jigsaw, BUT HE GETS THE TAG! AE gets a kick and a flying falling reverse DDT for 2! COAST TO COAST GETS 2.9! BSK dives on the floor pile. Nese powers up one guy, uppercuts him, but BSK hits Steen's fireman's carry kneckbreaker on the knee bit followed by a flying elbow for 2 thanks to a Jigsaw save. Snapshot is turned into a DDT by Jigsaw, awkwardly. Jigsaw catches him on a suicide dive, and hits a BRAINBUSTER ON THE APRON. Ole chant breaks out, they hit a big double team Omori driver and win the tag titles! Bucks go into the ring with their Bullet Club shirts and give them a clap, and will presumably do 20 superkicks too. Or just 2. Nick cuts a promo and can't be heard, while Jordan talks about all the belts they've held and how they're risking a lawsuit for it. An ad for the casino they're at airs, and their font is so fancy you can't even see what the name is.

Colt mocks Jordan for macking on Maria here on FWE. Jordan buries the FWE name with all the cursing going on. Colt talks about the big head of his airing on Raw, trending, and $9.99. Maria buries her new theme, and Jordan blames the label, and then says it's due to a Youtube copyright strike. She-Wolf is out and the stream dies for a sec. IT'S VEDA TIME! Colt says that Maria could marry her if she'd like. Veda got a baby blue streamer and was so thankful for it - aww. Tons of lucha rollups get 2. Maria buries the ref for counting when shoulders aren't down. Test of strength leads to a howl from the She-Wolf, who has a name and they haven't shown it. She-Wolf howls and hits a somersault senton for 2. Veda gets a springboard bulldog for 2. Nice dropkick to the back in the ropes by the Wolf, and Veda gets a Lotus lock. Wacky stretch from the Wolf. Veda keeps lifting her skirt up to cover her belly. Matrix move leads to a flying Tiger Mask spin kick from the Wolf! Saving Grace gets 2. And a howl. Bridging Saito Suplex from Veda gets the win! Candice and Joey Show is out. A P-DUB-G chant breaks out. Joey's cutting a promo and can't be heard. A few people do the SU-PER DRA-GON chant. Joey superkicks her, Wes comes out and eats a superkick. Love Joey spinning her around to attack people, finishing off a goon with a death valley driver to the gut. Carlito's out in a "no talent, no charisma, no problem #bodyguy" shirt.

Drew Galloway's out and Colt puts over knowing him since he was 14. Maria compliments his skin and jacket. Drew cuts a face promo, and Colt offers to translate since he's got such a thick accent. Drew mentions Carlito rolling with unconscious girls. Carlito's out, and Colt buries him for only oiling his abs. Carlito tells Drew to not worry - he knows OFFICIAL CPR and gave Veda mouth to mouth. Drew says WE NEED MORE PROMOS, and the crowd chants WE WANT PROMOS! Jordan tells Carlito to just tan his abs next time. MASSIVE chest-killing chop from Drew in the corner. Jordan says that'll shine his chest up! Big boot from Drew on the apron. Jordan plugs a match between Dreamer and Carlito on Youtube where Dreamer takes a bite of the apple after Carlito's hair got on it. Snap suplex from Drew. Apple's back on the floor. LIFTING BUCKLE BOMB SETUP OUT OF THE CORNER FROM DREW INTO A BUCKLE BOMB for 2. Colt calls Drew the total package and hopes he starts doing a torture rack. Sheamus's chest clubs get used since they're buds. Reigns kick misses. Carlito gets a figure four, but Drew gets the ropes. Big boot gets 2.9 from Drew. Drew hits the leg, and Colt points out how odd it is that that will help him. Maria says it apparently works. RVD thumbs tease a frog splash, but Carlito gets a superplex! Trio of right-armed lariats sets up a knee lift and a lefty lariat! Springboard back elbow gets 2. Sky High from Drew gets 2! Drew fireman carries him to the top, hits a running kick to the gut, and then a Strong kick for 2! Drew gets the apple, it hits the ref, so Carlito sneaks up, eats one low blow and then a straight up kick to the balls leading to the Future Shock for the win! This was easily the best match of the night - Carlito had his working shoes on. Crowd chanted for a promo, so Drew grabs the mic and blows his nose. Carlito asks Maria for a bang since she's getting married in a week, and she says no - he's been trying for 10 years now.

IT'S THE WORLD'S CUTEST TAG TEAM! They make a blowjob joke with Maria. They plug Welcome to the Rumble 1 where you can hear Billy Gunn say SUCK IT with some extra words. Dreamer and Ivie are out with a fairly good "Man in the Box" knockoff. Ivie's got hot cut-out pants. Joey asks who wants the blow pop, and a guy takes it and gets a YOU SICK FUCK and EBOLA chant. And "you got herpes". Ivie asks if that means Candice has herpes. Candice goes for a handshake, says I'M A NICE GIRL, cheapshots her and yells WRESTLING! JOEY TAKES HIS BLOW POP BACK! Dreamer DOES A ROLL. DREAMER DOES A ROLL, and grabs the Blow Pop and puts it his mouth. Joey grabs it, rubs it on his chest hair and pubic hair. Wow. Tommy puts it in his mouth, makes a wacky face, and then RUBS IT ON HIS ASS AND PUTS IT IN JOEY'S MOUTH. World's Cutest Drop Toehold Blowjob spot. "Tommy's spitting up pubes, can I say that?" Maria's glad Ivie's taking a beating here, so it'll be an easy win for her. Nasty brainbuster from Ivie. Tommy goes for the corner punches and rubs his cock in his face. Candice's nose is busted up. BALLS PLEX TO DREAMER. BOOBS PLEX TO IVIE, BUT FIGHTING SPIRIT HELPS HER OUT, but gets chucked out. VAG PLEX attempt by Tommy. Dreamer tried to piledrive her, makes the nasty smell motion, and Drew big boots him so Candice and Joey win with a 69 win. This was wacky, disgusting, and fun.

MAIN EVENT TIME! The Addiction is out! FWE's lighting is quite a bit better than ROH's TV show, which is amazing. YAY YOUNG BUCKS! Streamers get a superkick party! Matt gets a go-behind and demands the ref ask if he'll submit. Love it. Chop exchange gets a "tit for tit" bit from Colt. Flapjack dropkick from the Bucks! Matt gets caught on a dive and tossed on the barricade. Colt loves the Bucks' use of '98 wrestling lingo. Matt gets the C'MON BABY COVER for 1. Buncha moves leads to Kaz doing a Northern Lights...ish thing to both for 2. Moonsault backdrop and a Lionsault get 2 for the Addiction. Matt spears Daniels! SUCK  IT swanton is met with knees to the back. Angel's Wings countered with a rana. DOUBLE SUPERKICK TO KAZ! A stereo superkick set is countered with one by TA. Double Blue Thunder bomb gets 2. Superkick into a code red gets 2 for the Bucks. Kaz yelled out OH GOD, so he might be banged up here. Meltzer driver is avoided. Something is countered by a logical flip and some superkicks. Matt gets a forearm series, but eats a Hart attack. Commentary is really in and out. Uranage-BME gets 2. Outside in cutter from Kaz and DANIELS WINS after a wacky backflip into a kinda-Codebreaker. Weak finish. Fun match, but not quite as good as Carlito-Drew. Adrenaline Express jumps guys, new champs save, and Kaz says they'll jump on the champs and make them poop themselves. Okay then. Worship us bit doesn't even got polite applause. This didn't sell me on the IPPV. They plugged a big 3-11-15 show in Hollywood, CA. Okay then.

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