Friday, October 17, 2014

WWE SD 10-17-14

I've got a possibly lengthy vet visit and a top-shelf X1 early release today, so I'm glad to have a chance to get this show out of the way.  Show time is an hour 29 minutes - hooray for saving 30 minutes! A FOUR MINUTE LONG recap of Raw's Ambrose-Cena stuff kills time. Seth's out to cut a promo to start the show proper. Great bit where he chants along with the crowd's YOU SOLD OUT with I SOLD OUT - always good to see life brought to SD. Seth says that honor is a lofty ideal when you're young, but honor doesn't pay the bills. Seth and his absurdly slicked-back hair say you'd sell your family out in a heartbeat. He sold out against Dean, and he'll PUT DEAN OUT inside the cell. Dolph-Seth time - I guess Dolph isn't tired of losing. He wants this due to the post-match curb stomp. Dolph sends him to the floor to start a break off. Seth gets bounced around ringside, which gets so wacky Dolph nearly bumps off of ramming Seth into the barricade. Seth brings Dolph into the post, but eats a super facebuster for 2. Seth misses a stinger splash and takes a great bump for it - nice and bouncy, but not silly. Seth goes for a sunset buckle bomb, but Dolph hops up and gets his DDT - not super-smooth, but still good. Fameasser turned into a buckle bomb setup, but Dolph sunsets him for 2. Buckle bomb finally hits as does the curb stomp - that's it for D. Super-fun match.

YAY IT'S DEAN! Dean's excited about having Seth locked inside THE DEMONIC CELL. He's gonna stick his left boot, the lucky one, where the sun don't shine! Mr. Kane makes a match with himself against Dean later. AJ's facing Layla, whose new gear is pretty good. They've got some fast action going on, but AJ takes advantage of a situation and gets the Black Widow. Paige sends Alicia in, but she's gotta take her out herself. Yakuza kick and Rampaige take out AJ. Seth and Kane have a wacky meeting about their Raw handicap match. Rusev killing spree video. Sheamus and the Usos chat. They reference Twins from what, 1990 or so. They're facing Miz, Gold, and Stardust. Usos are so underrated on the mic. Rowan video. 6-man tag is up. An excellent Miz hype video aired. Faces are out followed by the heels. Stardust eats some double teams, and then Mizdow throws himself into the barricade off an Uso basement dropkick to Miz! Stardust tears off Jey's shirt. Sheamus chases Miz, Mizdow follows. Heel tag champs regain control. JBL puts Goldust over as he dominates Jey. Miz is back out. Goldust eats a Samoan drop for a hope spot. Sheamus comes in and runs wild on everyone but Miz - Uso dive to the Mizes. Clubberin time! Stardust saves, but Miz's face goes into the table. Falling reverse DDT from Stardust. He eats a superkick. Brogue to Goldust and that's it. Fun match.

Show in a nice pair of slacks and a giant Polo business casual shirt came out. Must be cold in the arena. Show and HIS BEST FRIEND, HIS BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER Mark Henry got involved on Raw. Henry comes out and Show tells a story about them riding around the road. Show and Henry went to Waffle House - it's an oasis for them! A guy steals their spot, but they're hungry. They flipped his car over onto its roof. Babyfaces. Then they had to get sandwiches at a gas station to avoid getting caught. "We were hungry, but we also family!" Show brought up Henry's family, and is so thankful that Henry's daughter looks more like his mother. They should've done this whole deal to start, but I'm glad they did it. Show talks about how he needs to take Rusev out on his own, which slightly upsets Henry, who brings that up. For the friendship, he'll get out of his business. Rusev and Lana come out - AFTER YOU LOSE TO ME, YOU'RE GOING TO DISGRACE YOURSELF AND YOUR STUPID USA! I WOULD LIKE THAT! Rusev rules.

Nikk-Brie footage after Raw makes the personal assistant stip. Nikki kills her with the Rack Attack. Nikki gave everyone a fine view of her cleavage on the post. Harper video. Dean met with Renee in the absurdly-pink backstage area. WWE has found a way from being as unsubtle as humanly possible to taking it a step further than that. Dean thinks Kane has starred in one too many horror films - yippy kai-yay! Kane's out with Seth, followed by Dean for a sub-10 minute main event. Dean takes a beating on the arm, but lands a corner forearm>bulldog combo for 2. Seth pulls Dean out during the rebound lariat and that'll be a DQ. Buckle bomb hits, but Dean avoids a chair-assisted curb stomp, but Dean uses the chair on Kane while Seth runs. Dean closes the show yelling to Seth that he'll rip his face off - complete with wacky body language. Fun stuff.

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