Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WWE Main Event 10-7-14

I wasn't going to watch this show, but I got some HG writeups done right before showtime, so I might as well give it a shot. Dolph-Bo starts the show, and hey, it's a new match! Cesaro's out on commentary and Bryan has the balls to try and fist-bump this man! Bo met with a bo-liever earlier and she gave him her cheese steak - but he threw it in the garbage because it's a heart attack waiting to happen, and then Mark Henry ate it! Byron outright says he's out to annoy Cesaro. What a prick. Cesaro said he's out to get the IC Title, while Cole brings up him being a former US Champion. Dolph is sent outside after a few minutes of generic offense, and that's an ad break. Cesaro, a fighting man, says he doesn't care who is champion, he will take them on! Cole is yelled at to plug the Network, who then points out that anyone who is watching is already paying $9.99.
Cesaro – Byron, I've figured out what you're doing wrong – you're sitting too close to the announce table! Ha!

Bo tries to cheat and win with the ropes, but the ref catches it, Dolph gets the Zig Zag, and that's it. Hoda/Kathie Lee recap begins and ends with the Nestea Plunge. Rock-Rusev recap is coming later. Mr. Kane met in his mask's office, and was confronted by Kidd, who tells him that HE'S HIS OWN MAN and he wants a match. Nattie apparently loved 50/50 booking, because she demanded the match. Nikki the heel is out in breast cancer pink with her three partners to face Brie. Brie gets a minor reaction for the Yes chant. Byron points out that Brie's a complete bitch on Total Divas. Brie got the knee on Cameron, but killed it as a finisher by just getting up top despite HITTING HER FINISHER. Nikki tags in, kills Brie with her own finisher, gets the Rack Attack, and that's it - Nikki beat Brie in their first match, with no buildup, and on the Network. Rusev-Rock recap. Swagger-Kidd is next. 

Tyson the jobber gets no intro against Swagger. Zeb says that Kidd keeps his manhood in Nattie's purse, and it's not even a big purse! Kidd and Nattie's marriage issues are WELL-DOCUMENTED every Sunday on E! Kidd eats the apron after not getting his apron kick. Well, I went for a bathroom break and missed the finish, and now it's a Komen video - so I have no idea who won that. EXCELLENT recap of Lunden on Raw. Apparently, Tyson won with a cradle, so my prediction of 50/50 booking was accurate - shocking I know for a WWE mid-card match. Raw Rebound focuses on Dean/Cena stuff. Odd to see Dean switch to a double arm DDT, but it looks more damaging than the Tiger DDT. The 2K15-plugging HIAC PPV graphics are a bit lame. Stardust, who can continue to fuck off, is coming out for a one on one match. Cosmic Twins cut a goofy inset promo. God was this team so much better as Goldust and Cody rather than this. Stardust's facing Jey Uso, also with pink and black gear like Nikki. Stardust ran wild with stuff on the Uso. Cole talks about Booker's team with Goldust, his King Booker run, and his supermarket fight with Austin. HHH was in the first-ever SD match...or the first main event rather. Cole talks about the pilot for SD. I'm now officially sick of SD thanks to just this Stardust match's commentary. PHILLY HAS HOSTED MORE SMACKDOWNS THAN ANY OTHER CITY. Holy fuck. Jey goes up and gets knocked down selling the knee, which is a nice callback. Superfly dive to the back gets the win. So much for the injury. 

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