Thursday, October 16, 2014

WWE NXT 10-16-14

Got a PureTalk ad before the programming - it's short, but wow does it make WWE look low rent. It's sub-ESPN Classics. I finally got to see the Goldust mini-bio thing - it's really well done. Shame these aren't on-demand. Great stuff with BookDust, the S&M Dust, and even up to Stardust. Goddamn does this Stardust act just not work in any way. Baron Corbin gets a spotlight intro now, and Elias Sampson in his next victim. End of Days wins. Guy needs more than just one move. Carmella debuts tonight and gets an Italian flag NXT logo - looks good. Sami Zayn's out to a pretty big reaction. Massive Ole chant starts up when he grabs the mic. The yellow, pink, yellow rope setup looks weird, but it also looked cool with Baron's lighting. He said he's tired of losing fair and square - he's better than that. Tyson's out in a Sami shirt to talk shit leading to Sami asking him if he made sure to get Nattie's permission before coming out here. Tyson tells him his future is dim, but don't worry - you can make money selling 8x10s losing to real stars. Sami wants a match with him, and he tells Tyson to go get Tyler's phone to call Nattie. Tyson says Tyler shouldn't have her number, but he does have to call home about the cats! Lucha Dragons warm up.

They're out to face Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, who I don't recall seeing before. One of them has Wolves-ish gear and the other has MCMG Sabin shorts. Murphy's got the shorts and Blake's got the Wolves stuff. Murphy catches Sin Cara during an outside-in DDT into a deadlift suplex. Cesaro should rip that off. This role is so perfect for Hunico at his age - he gets his best push to date, and really the best use of the Sin Cara character ever. Hot tag to Kalisto leads to some dives. Super Victory Roll-ish thing wins for Sin Cara, although they call it a super sunset bomb for whatever reason. Recap of Breeze killing Mojo. Mojo announced a shoulder injury of sorts, and he said he'd come back stronger and take a step back to take 2 forward. I went through some screens of Mojo and against Rusev, he appeared to have massive scarring on both shoulders. Becky Lynch faces Charlotte next.

Becky's out first and gets a pretty big reaction. Becky outwrestles her while Renee talks about Charlotte having confidence, but not being the ratty brat she was before. Charlotte lands the Bret backbreaker and lands some Finlay-esque snapmare-setup elbows. Charlotte gets a modified Northern Lights for 2. Becky gets 2 off a calf kick. Knee-dropping neckbreaker sets up the facebuster and the win for Charlotte. Itami/Funaki-Ascension beating recap, and they said sayonara. Sami faces Kidd in the main event. Legionaires face the Jersey boys. Enzo's out in bright white pants and Rock's shirt from No Mercy on the N64. Enzo's shirt rules. Legionaires porno theme is ridiculous. Lefort takes the wig off and Louis attacks! Crowd chants Oui and that's it. No decision. Okay then. Cass calls out Blue Pants, and they sing the Price is Right song really well. Renee name-drops Kitty Pryde since she's got blue and yellow. It's time for the BADA BING HOTTEST CHICK IN THE RING, Carmella. Carmella's got a good theme, a hot ass, and some presence. NXT has easily the best themes in wrestling outside of NJPW. Carmella gets a dropkick and the modified headscissors from the training deal for the win. Becky and Sasha had a bit backstage where Sasha told her to look at herself and see what it takes to get to the top. Neville cuts a promo about wanting to beat Titus next week to prove NXT stars can hang on top.

Bayley faces Sasha next week, and Adrian faces Titus for the title. Kidd and Zayn zip along, while Alex hypes up Tyson's work for 20 years now, while Renee says Sami went all over the world and now he's here. It's such a shame all companies aren't booked like NXT - everyone has a clear role, the titles mean something, and there's a real sense of elevation. It's like how things were 20 years ago where you can get into an act from day one and see it rise up in real-time. Kidd gets his nasty apron soccer kick for an ad break. Sami gets a break with a dropkick. Crossbody off the top gets 2. Sami's Blue Thunder bomb gets 2 as well. Kidd comes back and gets a sharphooter. Tyson misses his over the top legdrop to the apron and damn that was nasty. Corner exploder, Helluva kick wins! Very good match, but not quite on par with the top of what we've seen on NXT, or even as good as Orton-Dolph on Raw.

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