Friday, October 31, 2014

WWE NXT 10-30-14

The pre-show filler is Dean-Rey from the post-BATB '96 Nitro. This is an amazing match, and the outdoor setting is really different. Rey's got the same pink and black gear he had on for his GAB '96 debut. Larry has NEVER SEEN SO MUCH UNMANLINESS as he did at BATB. I don't remember Rey wearing black kickpads, but he's got them on here. Dean gets the super gutbuster but pulls him up for 2. Rey wins and Larry IMMEDIATELY says he didn't earn it and only won because Dean was cocky. Fuck right off 18 years later.

The show begins with a site exclusive interview with Sami. Titus and a sweat-ass suit came in to talk smack about how Sami's road to redemption involving planes, trains, automobiles and him. An open challenge is issued, and Sami will run right through this obstacle. Okay then. It's time for a #1 contender's tag title battle royal. Dillinger and Jordan and Team Fit, are in the ring with Cass and Enzo, while the Vaude Villains come out and the Ascension closes this out. English looks gigantic in there with the Ascension - he's deceptively big. Double eliminations for Team Fit and DJ. A MASSIVE Enzo chant breaks out. Enzo's seemingly patterning his punches on Road Dogg's. Cass goes for the goofiest double noggin knocker ever and they block it. Cass and Enzo are out. Itami distracts them and the Villains were just on the floor - they win! He runs down and the Ascension hits the double flippy majig powerbomb. Crowd chants ONE MORE TIME for this. Ugh. They warn him and ZERO people come out to help him. Carmella-Emma is next. A Cena Rivalries ad airs with CM Punk on it by name, so...that might be part of their whole settlement.

BUBBLES! Albert wants to go out trick or treating with her. Eww. Carmella's theme hits and she cuts a promo saying she's the princess of staten island and NXT. She's a face, right? EMMA EMMA EMMA/CAR-MELLA chant. Stream's going all wonky for me, and after an extended break and a nice long bit of sleep to help wake up for some feline dental work, we're back! They talk about Blue Pants and how amazing Carmella is for working for 2 weeks. Nice spot from Carmella where she did a rope choke sitting on her neck and checked her nails. Jason talks about a mani-pedi, and Renee calls bullshit because he has hands like a walrus. Extended bodyscissors bit here. Rampage powerbomb out of it from Emma - nice! Emma Lock and an Emma Sandwich get 2. They go for some wonky leg hold, and Carmella counters into her headscissors. They hype up Carmella winning her second match ever against a WWE superstar. Rich Brennan talks about being impressed by that win. I can't believe how much he looks like Cole.

Muscle and Fitness ad about how amazing the Performance Center is and showing Sean Hyson training in it. Gabriel's out and he's added a Sabu pose to his usual HBK-ish one. He's facing Bull Dempsey. Albert says Bull has no feelings - he didn't even cry at the end of Old Yeller! More streaming issues...and now it just kicks me to the dashboard. Ugh. Bull dominates Gabriel with holds on the mat, resulting in the crowd starting to die then come back to life. Dead Sea Drop from Gabriel along with a moonsault get 2. Diving tornado DDT is met with an overhead backdrop, and then he steamrolls him with a bodyblock. Diving headbutt hits and gets the win. IT'S BAYLEY says that Sasha has brainwashed Becky, and she'll bring Charlotte to team with her against Banks and Becky. LeFort-Louis is next.

Or rather, Corbin is in there against Briggs. The crowd counts alongside the action and he beats him in what's believed to be under 20 seconds, but they stopped counting. Komen bullshit. LeFort comes out to the Leigionnaires' porno theme. Marcus gets the tail end of the intro there, so it's almost a jobber intro. He keeps yelling YOU DID THIS, TO ME! hits Zeke's uranage and wins. Back to yelling about YOU DID THIS! TO ME! Itami promises to bring a friend to fight the Ascension next week. Sami's out to face Titus again.

Sami comes out first and the Network gets all wonky yet again. Seriously, it's 4: 30 AM EST right now, not 4 PM, there's no good reason for this to happen. Titus plays bully with clubs and kicks. Mid-ring and corner overhead chop battle. Ragdoll backbreakers set up a break and now there's a post-break bearhug. This is a lot less exciting than their last match. Titus rakes his face with the boot.  Titus tells the ref NAW HE AIN'T ALL RIGHT when the ref asks Sami and hits some body blows after yelling OLE. That kind of thing can really get him over. Then he sings Ole some more! Titus throws him to the ramp and he takes an iffy bump on his back. Zayn gets a shoulder block to the gut and a flying crossbody for 2. Lariat gets 2, while a  Train Wreck from Titus gets 2.9. Titus runs into a corner exploder, Helluva kick and that's it. Nice story told for Sami, but this sucked. Tyler comes out and says that if Sami wants to beat the top contender, he has to beat him."Your road to redemption takes a detour INTO CUTEVILLE!" Yeah that shit ain't making the main roster for his own good.

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