Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling 10-29-14

With rumors swirling of a TV deal and Lucha Underground's debut, it's been a fairly exciting, yet also low-key day for wrestling. The show begins with Roode greeting fans earlier today, while Lashley comes in alone. King and MVP are mid-ring while Joe and Ki come out for the tag tourney. We get a recap of Joe and Ki winning their match, but we don't get one for King and MVP. Ki and King go at it and Tenay compares the Joe and Ki team to Taz and Sabu. Tenay hypes up Roode-Lashley tonight and how to celebrate, the Black November sale takes $200 off the TNA World Title replica. MVP go at it with fantastic matwork. Ki comes in and hits a Muta elbow for 2. King comes in and eats corner chops. Joe tags in to chop and elbow King to death. Joe has his foot grabbed, so Ki does a somersault dive to the heels to save him. Excellent spot there. Ki kicks the everloving God out of King's chest for 2. King tags out so MVP hits some mounted punches for the break. This has been a rock-solid match so far, and given how blah this tourney is in theory, I'm quite happy with it.

As implied before, Black November has begun on ShopTNA, with shirts at $10 and free shipping over $40. Well, now's the time to buy an I'm With Spud shirt. MVP gets 2 on Ki and tags King in. Tenay talked about being a TNA-Lister at - I think it has something to do with ShopTNA, but he did a horrible job of explaining what this was. Maybe it's just a newsletter. Flying Chuck from Ki to MVP, and man does he do that better than Morrison. King gets 2 on Ki and then goes for a surfboard. MVP and King bonk into each other leading to a Ki comeback and a Joe hot tag. King saves MVP from a shot, but he eats a chop and powerslam for 2. Joe gets the choke and King taps. Ref doesn't see it apparently. Joe eats a cheapshot and gets covered. Ki makes a save with the Warrior's Way.  King flies into Joe, but Ki hits what I can only describe as a running dropkick version of the Pounce to set up the choke and the win. This greatly exceeded expectations. Now, at the semi-final level, we get brackets. EC3 and Tyrus face the Hardys. Bram-Devon gets recapped. Devon says he doesn't know what Bram's issue is with him, but he loves a good fight. Jesus Christ does his forehead look terrifying. He gets a call, presumably from Bully, so I guess we'll get 3D-Bram/Magnus. Boy is that ever not a dream match after the series we just got.

They come back and Roode's taping up his wrists. Lashley ass-whooping video airs. Surprisingly, they haven't talked about or shown clips of his Bellator fight so far. Roode-Lashley I highlights. Bram and his stock music theme come out while they plug his Darkside shirt. MORE CLIPS OF BRAM-DEVON. Well, at least they're getting as much as you possibly can from that nothing match. Bram sits on the apron to cut his promo - not too different, but different enough to really stand out. He calls Devon and Abyss the Brotherhood of Hardcore. Since when have they ever been allies, or called that? He calls out his brother Magnus. Magnus says words about STILL BEING THE GUY who made history by breaking the glass ceiling for the Brits. Boy did he not get a damn thing out of being World Champion despite being a guy who would really benefit from the Former World Champion label in theory. Bram yells about making the dinosaurs of hardcore extinct. Devon tells him to SHUT DA HELL UP and bringing out a hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer. Tenay says Bully's taking time off to heal after the series, so Dreamer basically gets to be the 1A version of him. They brawl aimlessly while guys chant ECW. LOL. Devon grabs chairs to...hold them and then he and Dreamer hold them off with chairs while Dreamer's shitty theme plays. This didn't do much for me beyond them giving a good, logical reason for Bully being out. Madison talked to Taryn's cleavage about their issues. Taryn says that she'll look past their issues if they can focus on their task at hand tonight, the BPs. That's up next.


Knockouts Knockdown ad. A FANTASTIC SKIT WITH SHARK BOY AIRS. He's largely unmasked, fat, looking old and being a prick to kids. The first kid forgets his autograph, so he reminds him. Greatness. Pat Kenney of all people tells him to stop being fat and to man up. CAN HE BE SHARK BOY ONE MORE TIME!? OH SHELL YEAH! This was so wonderful. BPs are out and they plug the KOs Calender. They've signed some and instead of $20, they're $50. Well, they're definitely making great use of whatever airtime they have left on Spike to get some merchandise sold. Taryn's breasts came out for competition, and Tenay points out the separate intros being proof of issues between Madison and Taryn. Madison cradles Love for 2 with both a schoolgirl and an SOS. They plug the Amazing Race and the shirt for it they've put out as well. For being as skinny as she is, it's amazing how Angelina's ass is still intact. BPs get drop toe-holded by Taryn back to back. Angelina takes it perfectly, while Velvet lands like as awkwardly as possible. Madison shorts Taryn on a throw Love in, so there's a surface-level defense here. Taryn gets a double lariat, but Madison refuses another tag to attack Angelina again. Velvet gets 2. Velvet shakes her ass to taunt Taryn, while they go for an absurd upskirt cam for Angelina's tag. Double dive onto the BPs from Taryn. Madison comes in without a tag and runs wild on the heels, then Taryn! The boo machine goes crazy. Rayne Drop hits. This isn't a DQ for some reason. I guess since she's a legal participant in the match, it's okay. BPs cover and win. Madison makes great wacky faces on the apron. Tyrus and EC3 face the Hardys next.

Lashley's title win is recapped while a music video shows his training and more ass-kicking. Angle talks about being the referee and threatens physicality if there's interference. EC3 and Tyrus are out first. Tryus has new black, orange, and white gear that doesn't look like a name change of his Brodus gear thanks to a new font - it's a little thing, but it helps the presentation. Jeff's got his black and turquoise top on and it looks awesome. EC3's blue and white gear is sharp too. EC3 and Matt exchange punches in the corner. These two have good chemistry - if they still had the TV Title, I'd put them in a feud for it. Hardy double team gets 2. Taz calls Jeff a tiger-like cat. Okay then. Pop-up headscissors out of the corner gets 2 for Hardy on EC3. Poetry in Motion and the Side Effect gets 2. They pimp Glory on 11/7 with WAYNE BARRETT. Tyrus comes in and hits an elbow while Tenay talks about Tyrus being a bodyguard for EC3, and having that same role for Snoop. Tyrus holds Matt for a punch from EC3, and man does his lower-body look even worse now than it did in the last tapings - tons of cellulite. Tyrus is back in and clubbing away. Nerve hold time. EC3 tags in for a neck snap and gets 2. Half-nelson chinlock furthers the damage to the neck. Stinger Splash misses for EC3 and Hardy hits...whatever his falling not quite Side Effect thing is. Tag into Jeff leads to him running wild.  Twisto stunner leads to a Tyrus tag and him taking down the Hardys. He puts them in a horrible position for a double pump splash. Twisto from Jeff, neckbreaker-y version from Matt sets up a Swanton and a win. EC3's look of pure astonishment rules. He's yelling at Tyrus and the finals are Hardys vs. Ki/Joe, which should be good. Storm talks about the Revolution expanding.

Lashley's backstage in an orange and white American Top Team shirt with his title belt fathead wallpaper - nice! Revolution's mid-ring with Storm blathering on about storms and whatever. He invites Davey. Oh yeah, that. CLIPS WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. Davey comes down and Storm blathers on more. Davey says nothing and then Eddie comes down to talk about their history - which was mostly NOT IN TNA. Davey says he can speak for himself while the boo machine drowns everything out. Eddie wants a tag match with the Wolves against the Revolution. Um, you're at least at 3-on-2 odds you moron! This went on no time really, but just felt like it dragged on for ages.

After the break, the match is JIP and Eddie gets a shining wizard for 2 on Storm. Manik's making faces to get Davey to join. Well, that's his language. I thought this was a tag match? Storm's grey, white, and red gear isn't flattering. Eddie chops Storm machine gun-style in the corner. Running backpack stunner looked awesome and gets 2. Eddie really does deserve a showcase match and he's getting it here. O'Connor roll gets 2 for Eddie and an apron moonsult hits. Manik whispers into Davey's ear. Eddie baseball slides Manik, while Davey just avoids things. Being passive is smart though since you're outnumbered. Superkick wins for Storm because Eddie was talking to Davey. Roode walks backstage for the main event NEXT. They've done an excellent job building to this tonight.

Kurt's out looking ridiculous in an untucked ref shirt and shorts. Roode's out in black, green, and gold gear with his black, red, and white ring robe/vest thing. Tenay puts over Lashley holding the title since June 19, and how in that time, only Roode has kicked out of his spear. Shocked he didn't bring up him being undefeated in MMA as well since that time. JB gives this the big-time intro. Roode and Lashley get into a bit of a shoving match and Lashley just hoists him up for a takedown like it's nothing. Taz puts over Lashley's victories in MMA and him having his best fight ever on Friday. Lashley gets a floatover suplex into mounted punches while Tenay plugs the 11/15 Bellator show. Roode ducks a punch and hits a chop. Crossface attempt by Roode leads to a sprawl from Bobby, who goes to the floor. They should've mentioned that he did something you can't do in MMA, but didn't. A bit of brawling leads to a break.

KO banners are $7, including Taryn's cleavage. During the break, Lashley destroyed Roode's spine with a torture rack into a spinebuster. Lashley hitting his peak in his late '30s is nuts, but I'm loving this run more than any other in his career. Running kneelift to the something makes Lashley wobble a bit. Blockbuster hits, but he favors the back and gets 2. Spinebuster from Roode hits for 2, but there was a delay due to the pain. Lashley gets a spinebuster/takedown thing for 2. Powerslam attempt by Lashley, but Kurt's in the corner. Roode escapes, but Lashley goes for a lariat and Roode moves - hitting Kurt. He takes a great bump. Lashley gets the spear, but Kurt's delayed count gets 2! Roode sidesteps a big spear and Angle eats it and takes a crazy bump. It was so hard. Taz says Kurt's getting hit because he's not used to being a ref - establishing that role as one that requires skill you don't just instantly learn - I like it. They brawl on floor and Lashley hits a spear to a stagehand and Roode uses it as a chance to hit a Roode bomb...with a really long delay on the ramp.

Lashley should only be taking that bump on WWE shows, not TNA ones in front of hundreds. Roode gives Lashley a painful wedgie taking him to the ring. Brian Hebner runs in for a 2 count. Taz says they've got refs in the holding area - again, establishing that this is a company with some structure to it. Hebner tends to Kurt and Lashley low blows Roode. Lashley grabs the belt and is told he can't use it - so he puts it down and KOs him! Belt bonk to Roode. Kurt didn't see it though, so he comes in to count 2.9! How very odd to have Lashley be a firm heel here while you're teasing a face turn - he was more face-like in the first match, which makes more sense now than it did there. Lashley avoids the Roode bomb over the ropes here and lands a silky-smooth hot shot. Lashley, LASHLEY goes for a sunset flip out of the Roode Bomb, but it gets countered Bret-Bulldog style for the win! YES! THAT FINISH LIVES! A few fans chant BOBB-Y ROODE. This was an excellent match overall, if a bit overbooked. Great show overall outside of the Revolution stuff. I wasn't coming in with high expectations, but it did an excellent job of hyping the main event throughout the show and then setting up a future rematch.

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