Thursday, October 23, 2014

WWE NXT 10-23-14

Before the show, Goldust's thing aired as did a plug for WWE Rivalries with some nice old-fashioned poster art. The Ascension starts off the show. WHY!? They're facing Jordan and Dillinger. God, their reverse-colored gear looks so shitty. Jordan is the generic-looking dude without tattoos, while Dillinger does. Albert talks about how fat Konnor is. Well, he's plump. Fall of Man hits and that's it. Itami comes down and gets beaten down, leading to Itami getting a "thanks for coming" chant. Well, this run really hasn't gone great for Itami so far. I was hoping this was Balor's debut, but it wasn't. Neville-Titus is hyped as the main event. Tyler is in action NEXT!

A Komen ad airs and then they do the usual LOOK AT ALL WE'RE DOING FOR CHARITY, LOOKITLOOKITLOOKIT bit. CJ's out to face Tyler, so I guess he's a heel that even other heels hate. Stream gets Real Player-level early on. CJ gets 2 off a double sledge off the top. Mojo came out looking really pissed off - I'm sensing a heel turn from him with this attitude, beard, and character motivation. Smooth rana from Breeze. Parker misses the Booker T kick, but Tyler hits the Beauty Shot for the win. Titus is backstage barking to scare the interviewer so she won't ask him the generic questions he knows she'll ask. After tonight, he'll be the N-X-T-I-T-U-S Champion! Vaudevillains are next. But first, a Corbin video.

Vaudevillains are out and I love them at least acting a bit more sinister to fit the new, awesome theme. They're facing the not-Machine Gun and not-AJ guy from last week. Blake and Murphy. Yup, great names. Aiden demolishes the arm in a lot of neat ways. Murphy spins through a schoolboy, but his partner eats an uppercut and a neckbreaker. IT'S BAYLEY and some fans have Bullet Club shirts. She's facing Sasha. Sasha can't hide for long, and eventually eats a sliding European uppercut to the neck and then the flying sliding D-ish thing for 2. Bayley comes in, but eats a boot from Sasha who gains control in the corner. Sasha goes rope to rope for a SLIDING SLAP! Ha! And she gets 2! Sasha chokes her in the ropes. Bayley fights back with a corner back elbow. Bayley picks her up, but Sasha slips through and nails the smooth Back Stabber>Crossface Bank Statement combo. Sasha doesn't want to take the move off and then beats her afterwards. Becky comes out for the save. They hug and then BECKY ATTACKS HER. Crowd popped big for this. Sasha looked on approvingly. Becky's new take no shit character rules - her facial expressions here were fantastic. Carmella in a leopard print getup talked on the phone about winning, and then Enzo came out in his black and leopard print getup. He's not just a G - HE'S 4G - well-connected. Cass gets a kiss, but Enzo wants his sugar and Cass tells him it's in Regal's tea. THIS RULED!

Titus is out first followed by Neville. The announcer's CHAMPION-SHIP! call is just dreadful. Titus is working like a giant here, which works since Neville can fly for him. Titus shoves him off the top to the floor and Neville takes a nasty bump. Gets 2. Ragdoll bearhug from Titus after the break. Neville goes limp and Titus just tosses him - but he doesn't follow up. Neville avoids a corner charge and hits a leaping Cro Cop kick! Titus responds with a giant boot to the face for 2. Neville fights back with corner kicks and...he actually hits the Red Arrow off of them. Well, that was odd - I'd have done the leaping Cro Cop kick to set up the finish, and the usual hope spot kicks for the hope spot. The finish was a bit flat, but the match was really enjoyable. Sami and Neville had a little promo exchange at the end. Not a bad episode, but only the main event and the women's match were worth going out of your way to see. The booking of Itami and the crowd's new reaction to him is worrisome.

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