Friday, October 31, 2014

WWE SD 10-31-14

There is ONE HOUR AND 12 MINUTES OF ACTUAL CONTENT ON THIS SHOW. Holy crap. Paige is out like Summer Rae for a divas battle royal and they bury Summer for using fake tan. Everyoen does stuff until Nikki takes Paige out with a spear and Alicia wins. Seth and Kane talk and talk and talk and talk. Dolph comes down and has a long-ish, boring match with Kane. Kane wins with a chokeslam and Kane makes a Dolph-Seth match due to Dolph being part of Team Cena and Dolph loses within seconds thanks to the Curb Stomp. Heath's out as a scarecrow. TIME FOR THE BIG GUY. Heath tricks him with a fake hand, it gets thrown up, he tries to catch it but eats a spinebuster, meathook, and Shellshock. MizTV with Henry. Nothing of note is said, Show comes down and gets chucked through the timekeeper's area.

Matadores have a fun little match with the Dust Bros, won via DISTRACTION SCHOOLBOY. RUSEV CRUSHes Khali in a minute after some corner punches, the superkick and the Accolade. Khali got the chop in, but that's it. SHUT-TUP NOW because mother Russia wants the U.S. Title. Sheamus fella, is always up for a fight fella. Bray cuts a rambling mid-ring promo and now Ambrose and Cesaro have their wacky street fight. Before, they stacked chairs for a street fight, now they're stacking pumpkins! Backdrop on the pumpkins leads to a pumpkin pie and pumpkin patch joke. CANDY CORN CANE TO THE CUT OF AMBROSE. SKELETON TO THE GUT! Cesaro suplexes the skeleton and Ambrose. Dirty Deeds using a pumpkin head gets the win. Boy was this a nothing show, but the main event was fun. Loved Dean closing the show talking to a skull.

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